Resources to help you improve your presentation skills

Giving presentations

Presentation Skills Webinar (March 25, 2020) - Originally presented to the CMNS 432 class, the skills taught are applicable to any presentation.

Giving Effective Presentations
Covers organizing the presentation, practising, presenting, and using computer slides.

Presentation Confidence
Covers common fears, relaxation, visualization and other topics.

Business Presentations
A SFU Library page that links to resources to help you conduct a successful presentation in Business or any other discipline.

Managing nervousness during presentations (University of Guelph)
Tips on various aspects of presentations.

Leading discussions

Facilitating Effective Discussions (Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo)
Although this resource is intended for instructors, it contains useful suggestions if you are required to lead a discussion in your class.

Safe places to practice your speaking skills

The best way to gain confidence and skills in participating in class, speaking in public, or delivering presentations is frequent practice.