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Business presentations


Being able to present your ideas in front of large audiences is very important -- both academically and professionally. The resources in this guide will help you develop this important skill throughout your years here at SFU.

For further resources and tips, try the following:

Resources to help you improve your presentation skills
An excellent list of resources prepared by our SFU Student Learning Commons. Note that they also offer suggestions about safe places to practice your presentation skills and tips to help you speak up in class.

How to Do Public Speaking and Presentations
A section of the Free Management Library, this guide features detailed tips from an expert, as well as links to many other posts, guides, and articles in sources ranging from FastCompany to the HBR's blogs.

Books and ebooks


Start with an SFU Library catalogue search for the subject: Business presentations



Try the following subject headings in the SFU Library Catalogue:


Other resources


Business Source Complete (BSC)
Provides thousands of articles with the subjects Business presentations or Public speaking, many of which include useful tips & tricks. 

A few specific publications in BSC that you may want to focus on:


The subjects listed above will also work when looking in the SFU Library Catalogue for videos -- just change the location search option from All items  to  Audio Visual.

For online/streaming videos, try LinkedIn Learning. Start with a search for these titles:

  • Creating and Giving Business Presentations
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Business Presentations
  • Prezi Business Essential Training
  • Structuring an effective presentation

Samples of videos available for SFU students and instructors

Stand & deliver! : Effective techniques for presenting to groups (DVD)
Shows how to become an effective communicator to groups. Effective communication enables us to persuade, to influence, to teach and to achieve our goals.This self contained workshop package is designed to improve presentation skills with techniques to improve confidence, vocal skills, body language, management of nerves, and relationship with your audience.

The basics of how to plan, write and give a winning presentation (DVD)
Be ready to anticipate the moment. Feel the goals and aspirations of your audience and make the presentation of your life! Divided into three sections--planning, writing and giving a presentation, this training program will help you overcome the "presentation jitters" and deliver what the audience expects--a great speech!

The art of public speaking : lessons from the greatest speeches in history  [DVD)
A 12-lecture course covering such key aspects of powerful speeches as painting pictures with words, finding your humorous voice, and building a logical case.