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Two open systems -- “Connecting research and researchers” with ORCID in OJS

Published by Ioana Liuta

This blog post was contributed by Kate Shuttleworth, Digital Publishing Librarian at SFU Library. 

Do you publish or manage journals hosted by Open Journal Systems (OJS)? Have you been putting off updating your ORCiD profile with new publications? Now, doing both those things got a little bit more streamlined through a new connection between OJS and ORCID!

Journal editors in OJS can now enable an ORCID plugin that will authenticate authors publishing in your journals. This works both ways as authors can allow OJS to push new publications right into your ORCID profile, updating it automatically when a new article is published.

What does this mean for journal editors?

SFU faculty and student journal editors who publish with OJS can now implement ORCID directly in their library-hosted journals. Once this is set up, any articles that the journal publishes will display the authors’ ORCID iD alongside the published article. And any articles published in your journal will be automatically incorporated into the authors’ ORCID records. 

Contact the Digital Publishing Librarian at for a consultation to set-up ORCID in your SFU Library-hosted journal.

What does this mean for authors?

Authors publishing in SFU-hosted journals, and all other journals hosted with OJS which have the ORCID integration installed, will have the option to create or connect their ORCID iD when they register with the journal. If their article is accepted, their ORCID iD will be updated with the article information upon publication, and the published article will link back to their ORCID record.

What’s the big deal?

We’ve written before about how you can distinguish yourself with ORCID. If you don’t yet have an ORCID iD, you should get one! Your ORCID iD is unique to you, so it helps to disambiguate between authors with the same or similar names, and brings together all the work you’ve done and articles you’ve published—even those published under a previous name, or a different variation of your name (think J. Smith or John A. Smith vs. John Smith). If you change names or move to another institution, your ORCID record will move with you, ensuring a persistent and up-to-date record of your work.

ORCID is an independent non-profit which values your privacy and won’t spam you with advertising like some commercial scholarly networks. And by integrating with publishing platforms such as OJS, ORCID is making it easier than ever for you to update your record accurately and effortlessly as you progress in your career. 

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