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Resources: Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (DHIL)

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See Events and workshops for digital humanities skills workshops.

Sample DH courses at SFU

These are a selection of examples of DH course offerings. For current offerings, please consult department websites.


  • SIAT Courses: Numerous courses on media, design, communication, collaboration, and interface, among other topics
  • CMNS 226:  Digital Media Communication Techniques
  • STAT 641-2: Introduction to Statistical Computing and Exploratory Data Analysis - R
  • STAT 642-2: Introduction to Statistical Computing and Exploratory Data Analysis - SAS
  • ENGL 363: Studies in Digital Humanities: Theory and Practice


  • SIAT Courses: Graduate courses on computational art and design, research methodologies, and collaboration, among other topics

Are you teaching a course that would be of interest to students in the Digital Humanities? Please contact us.

Other training 

SFU Research Commons provides workshops and consultations supporting research data management and advanced research software such as NVivo, GIS, and programming with R and Python.  Services offered at all SFU campuses.

Digital Humanties Summer Institute [DHSI]
Diverse selection of courses on the tools, methodologies and theories that inform Digital Humanties practice. Courses combine discussion and hands-on learning to explore how computing technologies influence teaching, research, dissemination, creation, and preservation in different disciplines. Scholarships are available for most courses through DHSI, and the Library sponsors SFU students, staff, and faculty for a discounted registration.

Video tutorials on software programs, design practices, and business skills. The SFU Library makes the Online Training service available to current students, staff, and faculty.

Tools used in the DHIL

Content management

  • Drupal 


  • Story Maps
  • ArcGIS
  • GraphViz
  • ​Tableau
  • Voyant

Programming languages

  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Javascript

Web application frameworks

  • Symfony
  • ​eXist


  • MySQL


  • JQuery

Markup languages

  • HTML
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • TEI


  • Basecamp
  • Google Drive
  • Github​


Need to find the right tool for your project? Try looking in one of the comprehensive directories.

CDHI [Carolina Digital Humanities Institute]
Lists tools and resources for Digital Humanists, providing links and descriptions for DH toolkits, data management, content management, collaboration, and web publishing, among other categories.

DiRT [Digital Research Tools]
Registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. Tools are sorted by category (i.e. visualizing data, or building a website) with a brief description of each tool or resource, information about its history and maintenence, and liscencing policy.

Visualization tools [McGill University]
List of visualization programs, online tools and APIs, and libraries.