About: Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (DHIL)

About the Lab

The Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (DHIL) fosters collaboration and interdisciplinarity across faculty and promote the development and dissemination of high-quality research that will position SFU as a world leader in digital scholarship.  

The key role of the DHIL is to assist SFU researchers with the development of digital scholarship research by providing consultation, training, mentoring, research software development and technical support to faculty and graduate students.

Located in the W.A.C. Bennett Library at SFU Burnaby and utilizing meeting space at the Vancouver and Surrey Campuses, the DHIL represents an opportunity to align research in the Digital Humanities with the Library’s expertise in digital initiatives, unique special collections, and research skill-development programming.

See Contact the DHIL for ways to reach the Lab.

Our work in the lab is guided by a collaboratively written Charter and Code of Conduct.

Faculty Collaborators

The lab was founded and co-directed by Drs. Colette Colligan and Michelle Levy from 2016-2020.

Colette Colligan is a Professor of English. She also leads the France Field School. She specializes in nineteenth and early twentieth-century literature, print and media culture, the history of pornographic print cultures, and digital humanities.

Michelle Levy is a Professor of English. Michelle specializes in Romantic literary culture, book history and digital humanities. Her research investigates the material practices that defined literary production and dissemination in the Romantic period, and she is particularly interested in the history of women’s writing and the interplay between the cultures of manuscript and print. She is project lead on the Women’s Print History Project, 1750-1836, a comprehensive digital bibliography of women’s books.

Lab team

Julie Jones is the interim Digital Scholarship Librarian at the DHIL. She's had the pleasure of exploring the intersections of the humanities, social sciences, arts, and sciences throughout her library career while working as the Liaison Librarian for Human Geography and Urban Planning at McGill University and then the Librarian for GIS, Maps, and Geography at SFU beginning in 2015. She looks forward to continuing this at the DHIL between May and September 2021. She holds a BA in English Literature from UBC. Past research has included collaborating with geographers to publish research syntheses in the area of human adaptation to climate change. Current research interests include library involvement in knowledge mobilization and research engagement and impact, and the use of mindfulness and social innovation approaches in the workplace and the classroom in higher ed. 

Rebecca Dowson is the Digital Scholarship Librarian and Library Collaborator at the DHIL. In her role, Rebecca supports researchers at all levels who are engaged with digital humanities through project consultations, digital skill development workshops, and coordinating the Library's resources in digitization and project hosting. Her research interests include the intersection of libraries and digital humanities, with a particular interest in digital cultural heritage projects, digital skill building, and new forms of scholarly publishing.Rebecca is on leave until 2021

Michael Joyce enjoys writing software that talks to other software because he’s bad at talking to people and doesn’t understand apostrophes. He brings 15 years of digital humanities and web application development to the DHIL, including working as Web and Data Services Developer for the Bennett Library, a Programmer Analyst for UBC Mathematics, and a Web Developer at the Electronic Textual Culture Lab at UVic. He hates spreadsheets and loves highly structured databases.

Joey Takeda is the User Interface Developer for the DHIL. He has worked as a programmer for a number of DH projects, including The Map of Early Modern LondonLandscapes of InjusticeLinked Early Modern Drama Online, and The Winnifred Eaton Archive. He is also in the final throes of an MA in English (Science and Technology Research Stream) from the University of British Columbia, where his research focuses on Indigenous and diasporic literature, textual and editorial approaches, queer theory, and ecocriticism.
Joey Takeda


Saba Akhyani is DHIL's Technical Fellow. She is an MSc student in the School of Computing Science. She works at Rosielab, which builds robots that are useful and interact naturally and seamlessly with humans, that can understand what humans do, feel and mean. She also has experience in web development, both in Academia as a teaching assistant, and in Industry as a full-stack developer. She likes working with data and presenting it interactively using web technologies.
Saba Akhyani

Sophia Han is DHIL's Fellow for Communications. She's worked with research institutes, public universities, Crown, and private corporations in the areas of education, science communication, and art for social change. Now a PhD candidate in the School of Communication at SFU, she's investigating the use of approaches from the arts and humanities to explore Internet culture and the social impact of digital technologies.

Past team members

Rémi Castonguay Digital Scholarship Librarian (2019 -- 2021)

Kenny Chakola Digital Fellow (2020)

Dogan Erisen Digital Fellow (2017-18)

Deanna Fong Digital Fellow (2016-2017)

Erik Hanson Digital Fellow (2017-2019)

Hannah Holtzclaw Digital Fellow (2018-2020)

Kimberly O’Donnell Digital Fellow (2017-2019)

Kandice Sharren Digital Fellow (2018-2019)

Catherine Winters  Web Developer (2018-2019)

Alex Xanthoudakis Digital Fellow (2019-2020)

Abdul Zahir Digital Fellow (2017)