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News about the Digital Humanities Innovation Lab

DH Café: Teaching With Transmedia Storytelling

Published by Rebecca Dowson

The Digital Humanities Café series continued on October 4 with a presentation from the Teaching and Learning Centre’s EdMedia Program. In a 90-minute session, John Born, Duane Woods, Gabe Wong, and Jason Toal introduced how to integrate transmedia storytelling with learning outcomes.

Suspense: Towards a Digital Narratology

Published by Rebecca Dowson

In partnership with KEY, SFU’s Big Data Initiative, the Digital Humanities Innovation Lab was pleased to welcome Dr. Mark Algee-Hewitt on September 22, 2017. Mark is an Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities and English at Stanford University, and the Director of the Stanford Literary Lab. He spoke about his current project with the lab, which uses data analysis from works of fiction in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to discover literary techniques that create the feeling of suspense.

Spotlight on the Database of Canada's Early Women Writers

Published by Rebecca Dowson

In the 1980s, Carole Gerson received a SSHRC grant to research writing as women’s work in Canada and began compiling a list of the names of women whose works had appeared in print. As the digital became more integrated into humanities research and Gerson’s list grew longer, including these names in a print resource no longer made sense. “What do you do when you’ve got the names of 5000 obscure women writers about whom little is known?” Gerson asks. “You create a database.”