Citing websites: Chicago/Turabian (17th ed.) citation guide

This guide provides examples of citations of commonly-used sources, based on The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.), using notes/bibliography style only.

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More guidelines for citing this type of material can be found in sections 14.205 - 14.209.


     1. Donald Scott, "Mormonism and the American Mainstream," National Humanities Center, last modified August 2004,

     2. Michael Geist, "The Canadian Wireless Story: Comparative Data Shows World's Highest Carrier Revenues Per SIM," Michael Geist (blog), January 22, 2019,


Scott, Donald. "Mormonism and the American Mainstream." National Humanities Center. Last modified August 2004.

Geist, Michael. "The Canadian Wireless Story: Comparative Data Shows World's Highest Carrier Revenues Per SIM." Michael Geist (blog). January 22, 2019.


  • Include the title and author/sponsor of cited websites in the body of your paper as well as in the notes and bibliographic entries (14.206).
  • Website citations should include: author, title, owner or sponsor of the site, date of publication, modification or revision and URL (14.207).
  • The title of a website is not put in quotation marks and is not italicized unless it is also the title of a book.  Titled sections or pages within a website are put in quotation marks (14.206).
  • If no publication, modification or revision date is available on the website, provide an access date (e.g. accessed May 18, 2005) (14.207).
  • A blog title needs to be italicized (e.g. Michael Geist) and the titles of blog entries put in quotation marks.  Include also the word "blog" in parentheses if not part of the blog title, the date the blog entry was posted and a URL. Treat a blog entry in the same way you would an article in a periodical (14.206, 14.208).
  • References to website content (a webpage rather than the whole website or an entire work) must be included in the notes but not necessarily in the bibliography (14.207).