Citing conferences: APA (7th ed.) citation guide


This guide is based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th ed. It provides selected citation examples for common types of sources. For more detailed information consult directly a print copy of the style manual.

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Conference keynote addresses, paper presentations, poster presentations, sessions

Refer to APA's Conference presentation references  or consult the guide directly (Section 10.5, textual works, pp. 332-333).

Presenter, A. A., & Presenter, B. B. (Year, Month day range). Title of contribution [Type of contribution]. Conference name, Location. DOI or URL

Reference list example

Fairey, E. & McKenzie, J. (2012, May 30—June 2). "If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”: Simon Fraser University Library’s liaison librarian service review [Presentation]. CLA 2012 National Conference and Trade Show, Ottawa, ON.

Bodnar, M. (2016, May 30—June 2). Problems as possibilities: A Topic Generation Portal to help instructors efficiently draft assignment topics [Poster presentation]. WILU 2016 Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Reference in text example

(Bodnar, 2016)

(Fairey & McKenzie, 2012)


Conference proceedings

Refer to APA's Conference proceedings references or consult the guide (Section 10.5, textual works, p.332).

Published conference proceedings may be cited either like chapters in edited books (first example) or like journal articles (second example). This will depend on whether the publication is treated as a series (e.g. has an ISBN and an editor) or as a periodical (i.e. it is published annually).

Reference list example

Iyengar, S. S., & DeVoe, S. E. (2003). Rethinking the value of choice: Considering cultural mediators of intrinsic motivation. In R. Dienstbier (ed.), Nebraska Symposium on Motivation: Vol. 49. Cross-cultural differences in perspectives on the self (pp. 129-174). University of Nebraska Press.

Shennan, S. (2008). Canoes and cultural evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105, 3416-3420.

Reference in text example

(Iyengar & DeVoe, 2003)

(Shennan, 2008)


  • Capitalize the name of the symposium, conference or meeting (Chapter 6, Capitalization, p. 165).

Symposium contribution

Reference of this type of document uses the works that are part of a greater whole format, that is, like a chapter in an edited book or an article in a journal. 

Consult example 63 in the guide (Section 10.5, textual works, p. 333).

Contributor, A. A., & Contributor, B. B. (Year, Month, date range). Title of contribution. In C. C. Chairperson (Chair), Title of symposium [Symposium]. Conference name, Location. DOI or URL

Reference list example

Lane, J. (2013, May 13—15). Teaching as the class clown: What clowning can bring to the classroom and the lecture hall. In C. Kurbis (Chair), Embracing Change at SFU [Symposium]. 13th Symposium on Teaching and Learning, Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Reference in text example

(Lane, 2013)


  • If video available, include link at the end of the reference.