Copyright Administration Committee


Advise the SFU Copyright Officer on how to ensure copyright support for the full range of SFU constituencies. Coordinate copyright education and training activities across SFU units. Ensure smooth operations with regard to compliance issues (SFU Policy R30.04 Copyright Administration and Compliance and appendices) across SFU. Advise on changes to website. Advise on systems to promote effective copyright related workflows across SFU.


  1. Donald Taylor, SFU Copyright Officer Committee Chair
  2. Marcel Da Silva, Communications & Marketing
  3. Kanthi Jayasundera, Centre for Educational Excellence
  4. Joel Mills, Bookstore
  5. Arlette Stewart, Academic Integrity
  6. Nicole White, Research Commons
  7. Jennifer Zerkee, Copyright Specialist Committee Secretary

Meeting frequency

Meets in fall and spring semesters.


November 21 2022

March 13 2023