Media collections: Audio, video, and image collection details, locations, borrowing from the collections

The SFU Library encourages use of the Library's content-rich audio and video media collections.

Finding media collections materials, including movies and music

The Library Catalogue includes all the Library's media collections. 

To find media, including DVDs, CDs, images, and streaming audio or video:

  • Search by keyword(s)
  • Limit by Resource Type = Audio Visual or Images
  • For specific library locations (including Video Collection DVD or Audio Collection CD), limit by Location.

See Media at Fraser Library (Surrey) for information about media collections (including films, sound recordings, and images) at the Fraser Library.

Video collections

Search the Library Catalogue to see the Library's online and streaming video collections, and videos in DVD, VHS, and 16mm formats (physical collections).

This includes the Videomatica Documentary Collection which is comprised of over 2,000 documentaries on DVD and VHS from the famous Videomatica video rental store, which closed in 2001.

Note: many VHS tapes and all 16mm films are kept in closed storage. For access, make a request via the Catalogue.

Equipment for viewing DVDs, videocassettes, or Blu-ray discs

The Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver) has two DVD/videocassette players and a Blu-ray player. You may borrow headphones and remotes from the Loans Desk.

The Fraser Library (SFU Surrey) has viewing stations with televisions, Blu-ray, DVD and VCR players. The library also has a screening room where small groups (up to 6) can watch a variety of media, including high definition 3D, Blu-ray, DVD,  and VHS. Player remotes are available at the Loans Desk.

The Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby) has a DVD player and a videocassette player located on the second floor by the video collection. You may also borrow laptops and external DVD drives from the Service and Equipment (Loans) Desk. You may also book a group study room to watch the DVD with a group.

Audio collection

Search the Library Catalogue to find the Library's online and streaming sound recording collections, and  music and other audio on CD and LP. 

The main focus of the collection is on contemporary electronic and electro-acoustic music, operas, world music and classical music. The collection also includes some popular music recordings, as well as speeches, plays, poetry and sound effects.

You can also browse the Audio Collection CDs & LPs on the 5th floor of the W.A.C. Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby. 

Note: Some CDs & LPs are in closed storage and must be requested via the Catalogue.

Equipment for listening to CDs, cassettes, and LPs (vinyl) 

The Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver) has an external drive for CDs for loan, and Library computers have disc drives which can play CDs/DVDs. Belzberg Library also has a cassette player with headphones attached.

The Fraser Library (SFU Surrey) does not  have equipment for playing audio tapes or LPs. To play CDs, you can borrow external CD/DVD drives.

The Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby) has an LP player, a digital USB LP player, and a CD player, all located on the fifth floor by the audio collection.  

Other media, including images and slides

The Library subscribes to collections of online images. In addition to finding digitized images and physical slides via the Library Catalogue, see Finding and using online images.

The Library also houses a small collection of physical slides. The main focus of the collection is fine arts and architecture, with an emphasis on modern and contemporary art. 

To find slides in the Library Catalogue: search by keyword and include the word "slide", e.g. Leonardo and last supper and slide

Note: Slides are kept in closed storage. For access, make a request via the Catalogue.

Borrowing materials from the media collection

SFU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and external borrowers may borrow media collection items.

Video and audio materials can be borrowed for 21 days.

Most physical (non-streaming or non-online) audio and video items may be checked out during Library opening hours.  Note that some materials are in closed storage and must be requested via the Catalogue.

Digital streaming of required videos via Canvas

The Library will digitize existing DVDs and provide them in streaming format for courses under specific conditions. See Streaming video for required course videos for more information.

Booking films for classroom viewing

SFU faculty and instructors may book films for classroom use. See Booking films for classroom showing for more information.

To book audio/visual equipment, contact SFU's AV Services.

Placing materials on course reserves

Instructors may use the Reserves requesting system to place audio and video items on course reserve.

Physical materials may be placed on course reserve for student pickup at the W.A.C. Bennett (Burnaby), Belzberg (SFU Vancouver) or Fraser (SFU Surrey) Libraries.