Borrowing materials from the Reserves collection

Faculty Reserves requests

See Reserve services for faculty.

Reserves collection

The Reserves collection at SFU Library contains research materials identified by SFU instructors for use in specific courses.

Many Reserve items are available in an electronic format that you can view or print within the Library or from your office or home. These electronic items are only available to students registered in the course where the materials are assigned.

Some electronic reserves items limit the number of users who can read the materials at the same time. These items typically have a time-out feature and usually time a user out after 30 minutes of non-use. If the item you would like to borrow is unavailable, wait between 30-60 minutes and try again to access the material.

Lecture recordings

Lectures for selected courses are recorded by SFU’s Learning and Instructional Development Centre and available over the web; the recordings are available within a day of the lecture.