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Resources on effective time management at university

General resources

Assignment Calculator
This application automatically breaks a large research paper into small tasks, with a timeline and links to resources to help you with each task.

Top 50 Strategies
List of tips developed specifically with the SFU student in mind.

Creating  a Master Weekly Schedule (video) 
Creating a template for a typical week in the current semester is a useful time management strategy for students. This Student Learning Commons video (4:54) will walk you through a process that shows you how to easily identify specific blocks of study time that fit with your other time commitments.

Creating a Master Weekly Schedule (handout)
Contains scheduling hints and a template.

Semester-at-a-Glance Wall Calendar (video)
Have you ever missed an assignment due date, or the date of a quiz? Watch this short (2:13) Student Learning Commons video to learn how to use a "Semester-at-a-glance" wall calendar to help you get the 'big picture' of the semester, and help you ensure you never again miss an assignment due date, or the date of a quiz.

How to use a “Semester-at-a-Glance” Wall Calendar (handout)

Where Does Your Time Go? (video)
Do you never seem to have enough time to study? Or find that you spend all day Sunday doing homework? Whether you are new to studying at university, or are just looking for tips to improve your study effectiveness, this short Student Learning Commons video (2:20) will give help you determine where all your time is going, so that you can take better control of the time that you have each week.

Where does your time go? (handout)

Strategies for Time Management
Addresses the particular time management challenges posed by a distance education course.

Time Management for Distance Education Podcast
Get audio and visual information on scheduling, procrastination, and other issues. Developed, in cooperation with the Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE), specifically with the SFU Distance student in mind (17 minutes).

How to Study Efficiently and Effectively
Among other strategies, optimal times and place for studying are discussed.

Academic Success-the Curve of Forgetting (SLC Video)
Ever wondered why you can't remember material from previous classes and notes? Watch this short (2:20) Student Learning Commons video to find out why regular review is SO important, and how you can improve your memory, and your grades. 

Creating a Study Plan Video (

Five Time Management Tips (Inside Higher Ed) - In addition to good ideas, this 2016 article refers to useful apps and web pages.

The Science of Productivity (AsapSCIENCE)
This excellent video, made in collaboration with behavioral psychologists, tells us how we can become more efficient at working and spend less time working overall.

Video on Time Management for Students and Note-Taking (Cornell System)(]

Scheduling tools

Dissertation Calculator (Queens University)
For graduate students, this program automatically breaks a dissertation into small tasks, with a timeline and links to useful resources for each task.

Making a task list (University of Guelph)
Takes you through the steps of figuring out the different academic tasks you have to do and helps you estimate how much time you need for each task.

Time Audit (City College of San Francisco)
An exercise to help you examine how you spend your time.

Time management for graduate students

Some of these resources may also be useful for undergraduates.

Dissertation calculator (Queens University)
For graduate students, this program automatically breaks a dissertation into small tasks, with a timeline and links to useful resources for each task.

Where do the hours go? (American Psychological Association)
Sensible tips from procrastination expert, Dr. Tim Pychyl.

Time management tips for graduate students (Rutgers University)
Although this resource is text-heavy, it includes great tips on setting boundaries, managing large, open-ended projects, and staying motivated.

7 Time management tips from online graduate students (George Washington University, Public Health)
These sensible tips, delivered in video as well as text, apply to all graduate students, not just those studying online.

Working smarter not harder:  Time management for graduate students (North Carolina State University)
This resource includes tips around physical and psychological wellness among its time management tips.

The challenges of time management as graduate students (University of Toronto)
Tips include tracking your time, determining how much it is worth in dollar terms, and making time for activities you enjoy.

5 time Management tips ... from part-time Ph.D. students (The Thesis Whisperer)
This resource focuses on balancing full-time work and part-time graduate studies.

Additional time management information

Life: A Balancing Act (SFU)
A blog post from a student perspective that addresses effective time management strategies going beyond just scheduling - eg: saying no, prioritzing, finishing harder work first, etc.

Video on Balancing Work, School and Life (

Time Management Videos (McMaster University)
Scroll down to "Just Enough Time Management". The second and third videos there give concrete examples of how to use time management tools. Watch the Windows Media Player or QuickTime version.

A Guide for Time Management (University of Guelph)
Interactive, step-by-step time management workshop.

Time Management Strategies Workshop (Virginia Tech.)
Interactive workshop covering scheduling, self-monitoring and more.