How to use a "semester-at-a-glance" wall calendar


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  • Have you ever missed an assignment due date or the date of a quiz?
  • Do you tend to lose track of deadlines during the second half of the semester?
  • Do midterms seem to creep up on you without warning?
  • Have you ever accidentally scheduled a class presentation on the same day the paper is due?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you may benefit from the use of a "Semester-at-a-glance" wall calendar.

Steps to create a semester-long wall calendar

1. Print out calendars for the four months of the semester, or purchase a four-month dry-erase calendar from the bookstore.

Seeing a visual representation of all of your academic commitments will help you get the "big picture" of the semester. You’ll be able to see which weeks are busy and keep track of your workload.

2. Take time at the beginning of the term to transfer all of your exam dates and due dates from your course outlines to the calendar.

Making sure that you transfer this information at the beginning of the term can save you missed deadlines later.

Tips on using your calendar:

  • As soon as you receive all of your course outlines in the first week of classes, write in your quizzes, midterms, exams, presentations, and assignment and project due dates.
  • Write in holidays, personal commitments, travel, and other events that will impact your available study time during the semester.
  • Do not clutter your calendar with other obligations such as class times or regular work shifts. Focus on the big picture and keeping track of deadlines.

3. Write in reminders 2-3 weeks prior to large assignments or exams.

Ensure that you have enough time to work towards deadlines by writing in reminders on dates when you want to begin your larger projects.

4. Make sure that you post the "Semester-at-a-glance" calendar somewhere that you see it regularly, and refer to it often.

A calendar is only useful if you use it to plan ahead -- make sure that you check it on a regular basis! Consider posting it on a wall in your workspace, or using it as the background on your computer screen.

Sample "Semester-at-a-glance" Calendar

See below for an example of what your calendar might look like!