Learning & studying strategies for mature students


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Navigating university as a mature student
Strategies for starting or getting back to university, from goal-setting to rewarding yourself.

Six Back-To-School Tips for Adult Learners (SFU News, Aug. 18, 2015)
6 tips provided by SFU Continuing Studies staff who have helped thousands of working adults fit school into their busy lives. 

Helpful strategies for adult learners (University of Hawaii at Maui)
An online workshop for adult learners.

Going to College as an Older Student (IvyPanda blog) - This blog is quite comprehensive, covering strengths and challenges faced by mature students, including parenting and anxiety. Please note that because this is a blog for the USA, financial assistance/ scholarships and statistical information may not be applicable in the Canadian context.

Studying in the Child Zone (Athabasca University)
Tips for balancing schoolwork and parenting.