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Student Learning Commons: Facts & feedback


Officially launched in Fall 2006, the Student Learning Commons (SLC) is an academic learning centre mandated to assist and support undergraduate and graduate students in their academic pursuits.

The SLC provides writing and learning support services across the three SFU campuses, including support for students in W, Q, and B courses, international students, English as an Additional Language (EAL) students, college transfer students, and many others.

Services are provided through workshops, personal consultations, print and online resources, as well as through classroom collaborations with faculty and other instructors. The SLC works closely with the Library, Student Services, Faculty Advisors, and many others, to provide effective "one stop, one step" academic support services for all SFU students.

Selected Statistics April 2016 - March 2017

These statistics represent Writing, Learning, and English-as-an-Additional-Language programs and services delivered at all three campuses for the last fiscal year.  Undergraduate services are delivered through the Student Learning Commons; graduate services are delivered through the Research Commons. "Integrated workshops" are presentations tailored for specific classes, courses or programs. For further details see our Annual Reports.

    Consultations   Open workshops   Integrated workshops
    total   sessions attendees   sessions attendees
April 16 - March 17   4871   334 2136   150 4577


As well as providing services for the general student population and participating in individual classroom collaborations, the SLC is a major contributor to a growing number of in-depth projects and programs such as the Back on Track Program, the Academic Enhancement Program, and others.

Selected Feedback

From workshop participants

Clarified many of my doubts regarding my first encounter with SFU. 
On Your Way to an A

 Very effective. The PowerPoints helped keep the flow of lectures and my attention. Everything was great! Please keep doing these workshops!  
On Your Way to an A

 [I learned] analysis of an argument, types of fallacies. Very good!  
Critical Thinking II

 Lots of useful handouts about different strategies, easy to follow and clear.  
Prepare Early! Every Week is Exam Week

 I appreciated the thorough and articulate approach taken.  
Top 10 Things To Know About University Writing

 Yes, the workshop was very effective. The facilitator has excellent communication skills and the materials used were well organized.  
Speaking Effectively in English

 It was great to have a workshop addressing organization on this level.  
Clearing the Fog: Mind Mapping as a Strategy Towards Thesis or Research Writing

 Spoke directly to my concerns and offered real solutions.  
How’s It Going? Good, Good: Practical Tips for Writing Your Thesis

 Matrix charts a course to follow in doable pieces. Everybody has wobbly days.  
How’s It Going? Good, Good: Practical Tips for Writing Your Thesis

From consultations participants

 This program is probably one of the most effective and efficient academic tools on campus. Please make sure enough drop-in sessions remain accessible. Cheers. Keep it up! 

 I learned a lot about first year writing skills and how to better support a strong argument. Thanks for the help. The insightfulness was useful!  

 I have learned how to logically structure the ideas in an essay, and make a flow of ideas more consistent 

 [Peer] was helpful in clarifying grammatical rules that I was a bit unfamiliar with. 

 I learned some strategies to try when note-taking and how to balance my time between studying & relaxing. Very helpful & friendly. 

 Very friendly & "down to earth". VERY HELPFUL even though I came rather unprepared! 

 The consultant understood my situations & struggle with English. He provided very clear directions for improving English. This appointment was a very delightful one. Thank you very much. 

 [Peer] helped me to break down my topic question into smaller/easier to understand parts...I'm more confident with my essay writing now. Thanks!! 

 This is very helpful not only on making one paper better but how to improve in future writing. THANKS! 

 I like how [Peer] gets me to find what is incorrect about the sentence & uses a verb "guessing game" to pick verbs that fit in. [Peer] really helps me understand how my phrases may be incorrect and ways to find how to fix the problems. 

 I liked how she was very approachable. Her sense of humour was refreshing. I learned how to "carefully" read an essay to check for mistakes. 

 I liked how the guidance was very objective, provided me with a better idea of how to go about the paper. I realized it's always better to step away from your work and have someone else take a look at it. 

 It was my first time using the Student Learning Commons and I am glad I came. I have a good idea of what I need to do now on my assignment. 

 I liked how reassuring it was - the consultant engaged with my concern and tried to reason through it with me in a very basic way that kept us on the same page. I appreciated the ability to vent my frustration but productively, helping me see what I needed to do with my issues over the assignment.