Public Policy information resources: Background information

Note November 2023: being updated

General background information

  • What is policy? (online) classic 2005 report defining policy from Caledon Institute of Social Policy
  • Inside bureaucracy [print] - even more classic 1967 research study on bureaucratic decision-making
  • A practical guide for policy analysis: the eightfold path to more effective problem solving [online and print] Probably the most useful public policy book you will read
  • Beyond policy analysis: public issue management in turbulent times [print] Author Leslie A. Pal is one of the editors of:
  • The Atlas of Public Management "concepts, topics, and courses taught in leading MPP and MPA programs" (Example:concepts for  How Government Works in Canada)
  • Find Public Policy Documents (University of Calgary) Listing two dozen types of document possibilities, "finding a public policy is often a very difficult process." Start with the guide Canadian federal, provincial, and local resources




Topic-specific background information

Economic policy

Environmental policy

Health policy

Labour policy