Public Policy information resources: Books & articles

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Use the SFU Library Catalogue to find books. Search by title or author, or search by keyword for books on a topic. Searching by Subject  Heading can also be helpful, such as:

For more tips on effective searching, use the SFU Library Catalogue Search Guide.

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Journal article databases

Key databases

Some key databases for Public Policy are listed below.  For additional databases that may be relevant to research in Public Policy, please see the complete list of databases for Public Policy.  See also databases for  Health Policy and databases for  Statistical Sources

Database for world economic literature 

Database of research articles about human and physical geography topics including housing and transportation

International Political Science Abstracts
Comprehensive, global database providing access to abstracts and information on world-wide political science journals

Political Science Complete
Access to full-text political science articles

Sociological Abstracts
Access to comprehensive sociology database, including research pertinent to public policy

Key Public Policy databases that contain reports and backgrounders (but not scholarly articles)

Canada Commons.
Canadian public policy documents from government and nonprofit organizations as well as think tanks

Canadian Research Index 
Access to "all depository publications of research value issued by both the federal government and the ten provinces and three territories"

News article databases

Some key resources for searching Canadian and international news:

  • Canadian Newsstream Database for major Canadian and small market BC newspapers articles
  • PressReader  Access to current newspapers from around the world
  • Alternative Press Index Database for journal, news, and magazine articles from alternative and/or radical publications
  • Keesing's Record of World Events Up-to-date entries about worldwide political and economic affairs
  • Factiva Comprehensive database the provides access to full-text articles from newspapers, newswires, industry publications, websites, company reports, and more
  • Nexis Uni Comprehensive, full-text database information in "the areas of news, government, business, and law from newspapers, journals, reports, cases, and patents"

Key journals for Public Policy

(peer-reviewed unless otherwise indicated)

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