EDUC 230: Introduction to Philosophy of Education

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Subject encyclopedias are an excellent source for accurate, detailed definitions:


Use Catalogue Search to find books on your subject. Here are some example searches:

  • For books about ecological philosophy, search: 
    ecolog* and philosoph*  or environment* and philosoph*
  • For books about feminist philosophy of education, search: 
    feminis* and philosoph* and educat*
  • For books about philosophy of multicultural education, search: 
    multicultural* and philosoph* and educat*
  • For books about the philosophy of  critical theory and education, search: 
    critical theor* and educat*
  • For books about analytical philosophy, search: 
    analytic* and philosophy
  • For books about education and the spiritual, search: 
    spiritual and educat*

Advanced tip: When you find a book which appears interesting, look at the formal subject headings. For example, many books about the philosophy of critical theory have the subject heading Critical pedagogy. When you click on a subject heading, you go to the subject index where you can see how many books in the library have that subject heading. When you click on the subject heading again, you'll reach a list of the books with that subject heading.


Education Source 
The most comprehensive database for education research.

CBCA Complete
To find articles in Canadian education journals.

Philosopher's Index
For articles in philosophy journals.


Professional associations often have valuable information and links to further information: