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Sage Business Cases: New for SFU instructors, students, and alumni

Published by Mark Bodnar

I'm very pleased to announce that SFU instructors, students, and alumni now have unlimited access to over 4200 case studies in the Sage Business Cases database!

Screen capture of the search screen for SAGE Business Cases.

Sage Business Cases is a global and diverse collection of case studies designed to help students see theoretical business concepts put into practice. SAGE has ensured broad coverage by partnering with well-known business case producers from around the world such as Berkeley-Haas, Renmin Business School, the University of Cape Town, and the Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad

In addition to working with many global partners, Sage proactively seeks to fill any gaps by working directly with leading academics to add cases that consider different cultural contexts and economic perspectives. The resulting "Sage Originals" series within Sage Business Cases covers many topics that have been traditionally overlooked or under-treated in business education — including such important issues as Sustainability, Social Impact, and Women & Leadership.

The diverse nature of Sage Business Cases also shows up in the range of case formats and supplementary materials: 

Special notes for key stakeholders


Your instructors may provide links to specific cases in your course syllabus or in Canvas. You will only need to use your SFU username and password to log in.

Line drawing of a person going up a staircase and carrying a briefcase

But why wait for others to select cases for you? You have full access to the thousands of titles in Sage Business Cases. Use them to...

See Sage Business Cases for Professional Success for more on how to get the most out of SBC! 

Yellow star with text: "All SFU alumni have full, off-campus access to this valuable resource!"


You may not currently be an SFU student, but learning never stops, right?

All the reasons for students to use these cases don't disappear when you graduate... especially when you're looking for a job and need to understand a sector or demonstrate your problem-solving abilities.

Fortunately, Sage Business Cases is available to all SFU alumni no matter where you live and work!

See our Alumni Services guide for details on how to access SBC and many other resources such as Data Planet and Mergent Intellect.


Line drawing of a person pointing at a screen during a presentation

Having access to high quality cases to use in your classes is important, but you'll also want to ensure that your students can easily and reliably find the right cases, and it would certainly help if the cases came with some suggestions on how to incorporate them into an interactive and engaging class.


Sage has smoothed the way for you...

Helping students find the right cases: Each case includes features to generate a citation and create a stable link. With a couple clicks you can grab an APA citation for a case you want your students to read, along with a link that will route your students through SFU's standard authentication and straight to the case. 

It's also easy to download PDF copies of the cases, but I suggest providing links instead of PDFs to your students because the PDFs often don't include some of the supplementary material such as videos.

Teaching Notes: More than 75% of the cases include time-saving Teaching Notes with suggested teaching strategies, target audience, and possible responses to discussion questions that can help facilitate classroom discussion.

Current SFU instructors can access the notes by creating a profile within Sage Business Cases and emailing the Business Librarian (mbodnar@sfu.ca) for an instructor verification code to enter in your profile. See Unlock Teaching Notes for more on the steps involved, including screen captures. Or watch this short video: Sage Business Cases Teaching Notes Access.

Dependability:  SFU now owns the 4200+ cases currently published and available in Sage Business Cases. That is, they are not part of a subscription that could be cancelled in the future. You can build them into your courses and be confident they will remain available in future semesters.

See Sage's "For Faculty & Instructors" page for additional guides, tipsheets, videos, and more to help you get the most out of this resource. The same page includes templates and FAQs if you'd like to write and submit your own cases for inclusion in Sage Business Cases. 

In case you missed it... 

We also announced a pilot subscription to the Harvard Business Publishing Student Success database in February.  The HBP-SS database includes over 2200 Harvard cases. Combine those with the 4200+ in Sage Business Cases and SFU instructors & students now have access to over 6400 business case studies!

Remember that, in contrast to SBC, the Harvard collection is here on a pilot basis only — we value your feedback and will consider all comments when we explore renewing it this fall.

 Update (Spring 2022): After considering usage data and feedback, we decided to not renew the HBP-SS resource. However, Sage Business Cases is still available!

Questions? Feedback? Email me anytime... 

Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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