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New! Equity & industry investment research via S&P Capital IQ

Published by Mark Bodnar

Good news! SFU researchers now have access to investment research reports via our S&P Capital IQ database!

From the publisher:

Access company and industry research reports from contributors and publishers, including brokerage, consulting and research firms. Search by company name or ticker, keywords, published date, document type (e.g., EPS Estimates, Industry Overview, etc.), document language, author (contributors or publishers), industry, geographical region and country.

This new content is integrated into different parts of the database.  Here are a few tips for digging it up...

1. Search by Company

Just search for a publicly-traded company in the top left corner, then look for Research among the company-specific options on the left side of the screen. (It's quite far down the list. Just keep swimming scrolling!)  

2. Search by Industry

Choose Markets at the top of the screen, then Industry (left side), then choose the option to Refine your industry selection. (Screenshot)

Once you've set your target industry, you should see several categories of relevant information, including an Investment Research section with recent equity analysis reports on companies in that industry.

3. Use the Research tab at the top of the screen

This approach will take you to a Quick Search screen that covers all of the Investment Research available in our CapIQ database. I'm sure you can figure it out from there, but here are a few highlights of content to watch out for, as well as a couple nonintuitive search tips.

CFRA as a contributor -- CFRA bought S&P's equity research unit a few years ago, which meant that core publications from S&P Global such as the S&P Industry Surveys were rebranded as CFRA titles. The content is still very useful, regardless of whose name is in the publication title. Search for CFRA in the Contributor content to focus on such publications as... (links go to screenshots of report covers): 

Exchange Traded Fund Reports -- To find reports on Exchange Traded Funds, just search for ETF: in the keyword field, and limit the search to the headline only.  (And yes, do include the colon in your search.)

Mutual Funds -- To find reports on US Mutual Funds, search for MF: in the keyword field... also in the headline only and with a colon at the end.

Simple image of a gold starNever used S&P Capital IQ before? 
Start with my post on registering/troubleshooting personal accounts, then watch some videos to learn more about it, and don't forget to download the optional add-in for Excel (if you have a Windows-based machine) for added functionality.

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian


P.S.: Bonus tip for reading this far: Because we also have a Compustat subscription via WRDS, S&P turned on Compustat data in our CapIQ subscription for many firms.  This means that when you search for a publicly traded company such as Bombardier or Apple, you can scroll down the left side and you'll often find both Financials (CapIQ data) and Compustat Financials (Compustat data) for your target firm. 

More importantly, this change means that you can now add ISIN, CUSIP, and Compustat GVKEY columns in your company screening results.  If you've ever been frustrated by trying to integrate CapIQ data into search results from other databases, this will make sense to you and brighten your day!



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