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In a rush to learn S&P Capital IQ? Watch some videos!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Logo of S&P Capital IQ -- which is just the name of the database in red textFor those who missed it, we introduced a powerful new database earlier this week: S&P Capital IQ! 

I promised in the initial announcement that there would be follow-up blog posts highlighting CapIQ's features and functions. I certainly do plan to write such posts later this summer, but I thought I'd start with a note about S&P's support & training videos since so many people are now scrambling to learn the database.

But first... If you haven't done so already, register for your personal S&P Capital IQ account following the instructions here(note that you must be on campus when you first register for an account) [Deleted because registration off campus is now possible]. 

OK, got your account ID and password all sorted out?  Great! You'll need it for this first batch of videos.  

Direct from S&P Market Intelligence: 

You may need to enter your SFU ID at the Library site before entering your CapIQ ID at the S&P site to open some of the links below.
  • S&P Capital IQ Basics:  Learn how to personalize the interface (dashboard & nav bar) to show your faves + advanced search techniques.
  • Company Profiles: From charting multiples to finding quick comps and viewing events... 
  • Financials: Need to chart financials, track segments, or find historical capital structure? Sure!
  • Screening: With so much data available, learning to screen/search for the info you need is imperative. This collection of videos will demonstrate how to screen for specific types of equities, ideas, buyers, and more.
  • Charting: A picture is worth a 1000 words... especially if that picture is a beautifully formatted chart with annotations. Learn how here!
  • Alpha Factor Library: If you know what an Alpha Factor is, then you probably know why it's super valuable to spend a few minutes watching one of these videos about how to find, manipulate, and use such things, right? 
  • S&P also publishes the recordings of training webinars they've conducted. Topics range from analyzing M&As to making full use of the Excel add-in.  Note, though, that in addition to entering your CapIQ  ID and password (as for the links above), you'll also need to fill out a form with your SFU email address and your name, etc. to access these recorded webinars. A bit of a hassle -- sorry! 
The videos above are also available from within the CapIQ interface: Help > Popular Topics > Training Videos.

So what if you haven't registered for your account yet?  You, too, can watch some videos to start learning CapIQ!

From S&P via YouTube: 

From professors, librarians, and random excited CapIQ users: 

These are just the first ones I spotted. Many experts and organizations have prepared detailed CapIQ videos and posted them where they can be found with a quick search... just be sure to look for newer ones as the CapIQ interface has likely changed in the last few years.

I'll stop for now, but watch this space as I plan to unearth and highlight S&P Capital IQ treasures over the next few months.

Hope you're all enjoying the sunny summer!

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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