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International bus/econ data... my go-to sources!

Published by Mark Bodnar

simple line drawing of a graphOur list of data sources here at the SFU Library is constantly growing. Paradoxically, the sheer number of sources can actually make it harder to find the exact source you need!

I thought I'd highlight some of my favourite Business & Economics data sources in a single (long!) post. I'm doing this with a specific class in mind (BUS 430 - Cross-Cultural Management) as I know those students are currently seeking international data to test some hypotheses, but I suspect these sources will be of much wider...

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Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace: Ebooks, cases & articles to support your journey

Published by Mark Bodnar

simple line drawing of people standing on various sized boxes to reach the same height, meant to connote equityI've been reading Bias interrupted: creating inclusion for real and for good this week. This recent ebook from HBR provides a "cutting-edge, relentless, objective approach to inclusion" that goes beyond simply defining and discussing workplace diversity and equity by proposing effective steps organisations of all sorts can take to create lasting change.

As a person who is easily distracted, around about chapter 7 (title: "Can we make progress on DEI without getting all rigid and bureaucratic?") I started thinking about what other resources we might have that offer practical advice on the important topic of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) in the workplace. As always, our collection did not disappoint!

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Financial Times via SFU: More than just the news

Published by Mark Bodnar

Is your daily news routine filled with random facts & headlines? Why not start your day with a source that offers deeper context and analysis, especially on the topics most relevant to business & economics? Check out the Financial Times!

As you may already know, university-wide access to the Financial Times was made possible in late 2020 through an initiative by the Beedie School of Business. Our direct subscription to the FT gives us full access to their visual & data journalism, videos, podcasts, and...

Financial Times logo

(Read on to learn about the analysis available from the FT... news beyond the surface facts!)

Practical & useful: Ebooks and more to support entrepreneurs

Published by Mark Bodnar

Simple line drawing of a Swiss Army knife.One of the many things I love about working with Business & Economics is how the skills and strategies being taught are so practical & useful. In many cases, students are working on projects and policies that are directly and immediately relevant to issues and needs in the world beyond our campuses.

Nowhere is that more true than...

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On Love Data Week workshops & Data Planet webinars

Published by Mark Bodnar

In celebration of Love Data Week (February 14 - 18) — an international celebration of all things data — the SFU Library has collaborated with the libraries of UBC, UNBC, and UVic to plan an illuminating series of online talks & workshops. Join us to learn about data acquisition, cleaning, management, mapping, and more! Click here to read about and register for each session.

Speaking of data... SAGE is also hosting three webinars during Love Data Week 2022, all focused on Data Planet...

Data Planet logo

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Busy times!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Photo of Mark BodnarI'm back!

OK, I wasn't actually gone -- certainly not to a warm place with palm trees. I've just been incredibly busy since my last post. Something had to be dropped, and I'm afraid it ended up being my old friend, the BUEC Buzz.

My last post was 314 days ago. That is, by far, my longest break from the Buzz since I started the blog 22 years, 2 months, and...

(Read on for somewhat random stats from the last 314 days...)