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Help with formatting your thesis and submitting it to the Library

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Contact the Assistant for Theses

Please note that beginning March 16, 2020, thesis appointments will only be available by email, phone, or online. You are welcome to register and book an  appointment via the online booking system.

You may also call 778.782.4747 or email .

The Theses Office generally provides two types of appointments:

  • Pre-submission review
    • Any appointment before submission to the library; can be pre- or post- defence
    • Can have multiple appointments throughout the writing process to ensure your formatting is on track
    • Overall formatting reviews, troubleshooting, figures/tables, etc.
  • Thesis intake
    • After you have defended & completed any revisions, and all documentation has been uploaded to the Thesis Registration System
    • Completes the intake stage of the processing period
    • We complete or inform you of any revisions found; decreases the amount of time required to process your thesis after submission

The Thesis Office is on the 7th floor of the WAC Bennett Library, Room 7039 on the SFU Burnaby campus.

Thesis help resources

See the following web pages for help with formatting your thesis. 

Research and writing support

Please see the library's Research Commons.