Thesis Editing & Proofreading

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Thesis Editing

Research Commons thesis formatting support does not include text editing. Obtaining assistance with English language, grammar, referencing and citation style guide requirements, etc., are issues that need to be discussed with your senior supervisor, who is responsible for setting the scholarly standards for your work. 

The SFU Library's Research Commons provides free writing support services to SFU graduate researchers across all disciplines.

Hiring a third-party contractor or editor can help save you time. However, some students have encountered difficulties because the editors used another university's framework or Microsoft Word thesis template and were unable to conform to SFU's formatting requirements.  Be sure that the person you hire understands and follows SFU Library's formatting requirements. Students, not editors, are responsible for the final thesis submission. 

Check with your supervisor regarding hiring an editor. Please note that the Library does not endorse these people for the services they offer but is aware that they have provided formatting services for students in the past. 

Thesis Proofreading

The use of a proofreader is acceptable for a thesis or dissertation and the proofreader must be acknowledged in the thesis.  For details on hiring a proofreader and the role of a proofreader, see the SFU Senate Graduate Studies Committee's Guidelines for Use of a Proofreader in Theses.