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Submitting your thesis: Deadline dates

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Beginning Fall 2020:

For Summer 2020 submissions:

  • The Library will accept either the signed & unsigned Approval Page and Supervisor Revision memo OR the ResultsApproval, & Degree Recommendation (RAD).
  • For further assistance, please contact the Assistant for Theses:


Your thesis, supporting materials, and documentation must be submitted to the Library's Thesis Registration System before the thesis submission deadline. For the Spring and Summer terms, the deadline for submission to the library is the last day of the term. For the Fall term, the deadline is the last working day before the holiday closure (usually December 23 or 24). 

  • The semester and year in which your thesis is submitted is entered on the Title Page of your thesis (e.g., Summer 2020).
  • The degree is awarded in the term (semester) in which the thesis is submitted.
  • In addition to submitting your thesis to the Library, you must apply for graduation.
  • Refer to Degree Completion: Applying to Graduate for information about convocation.

Deadlines for Library thesis submission

Summer 2020 Early deadline*
End of term
31 May 2020 (PST)
31 August 2020 (PST)
Fall 2020 Early deadline*
End of term
30 September 2020 (PST)
24 December 2020 @ 12 noon (PST)
Spring 2021 Early deadline*
End of term
31 January 2021 (PST)
30 April 2021 (PST)

* Refer to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website for information on early completion refunds.