Thesis submission: Register information online about your thesis and upload your thesis

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Thesis submission is entirely online. It is the student's responsibility to upload all documents and complete the submission steps. 

To submit your thesis to the Library by the deadline dates and times, you must complete the following steps.

Log in and register on the Thesis Registration System

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Before registering to submit your thesis in the Thesis Registration System, ensure that your Thesis Title and Abstract have been authorized by your senior supervisor.

  2 Go to the Thesis Registration System.

Log in with your SFU Computing ID (CAS ID).

  4 In the fields provided in the Thesis Registration System, enter your contact information, name, thesis title, course number, abstract, etc. (At this time, make sure all fields with a red asterisk [*] are filled out.)
  5 Save your record (click the Save / Update button).


Upload your thesis, supporting materials, and documentation

Check mark Step number Note: you do not need to upload ALL documents before pressing clicking the Save / Update button. Upload what you have available, press the Save / Update button before navigating away from the page. Log back in when you have the rest of your documents to upload, remembering to press the Save / Update button before navigating away from the page.
  6 If you aren't logged in already, login to the Thesis Registration System. If you are not on the edit screen, then click on "Edit my submission" link at the top left.

ALL thesis supporting documentation MUST be scanned as a PDF, uploaded, and saved into the Thesis Registration System before a thesis will be accepted by the Library. 

Required documentation includes:

  1. signed and dated Results, Approval & Degree recommendation (RAD) form
  2. signed and dated Non-Exclusive Copyright License

If applicable documentation includes:

  1. Ethics Approval (If you have Ethics approval, ensure the Ethics Statement is inserted as page iii of your thesis)
  2. Copyright Permissions (for theses that used other authors' copyrighted material)
  3. Postponement Approval (if requested) 

Upload a PDF version of your thesis. 

  • If your thesis contains image/figures, please upload a high-quality, press-quality, or standard-quality PDF (or equivalent).  Ensure that your thesis follows the library's formatting standards.

If you require assistance to convert your thesis to a PDF, please contact the Assistant for Theses.

  9 Upload supplementary material files if applicable (see Appendices & Supplemental Material).
  10 Save your record (click the Save / Update button).


Book a thesis intake appointment (recommended)

Please note that although it is recommended, an intake appointment is NOT required in order to submit your thesis to the library. Should you wish, you may move ahead to step 13 and submit your thesis and supporting documentation to the Thesis Registration System. 

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Book a Thesis Intake appointment with the Theses Office to ensure that your thesis meets formatting requirements and that all supporting documentation is accurate and complete.


The intake stage of submitting your thesis is done at your appointment. You will be informed of formatting changes that may be required. You, your graduate program assistant, and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will receive a message confirming that your submission has been completed and awaits auditing.


Complete your thesis submission in the Thesis Registration System

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Once you have confirmed that you have met ALL the requirements for formatting and have uploaded ALL required supplementary materials and documentation, complete your thesis submission:

  • Login to the Thesis Registration System and click on the Edit tab.
  • Select the submission checkbox that states:
    "I have completed ALL requirements listed above and am ready to submit my thesis to the Library for review".
  • Click the Save / Update button.
  • Ensure you receive an email that confirms your official submission date and time to the Library.

Note: Once you have completed your final submission, you will no longer be able to make any changes.


After submission, your thesis will enter the queue for processing, which does not affect your requirements for graduation - please see After you have submitted your thesis to the Library.