Digital Pedagogy Network Symposium, University of Victoria


May 4 & 5 University of Victoria (UVic)  

Digital Scholarship Commons
Room  A308, third floor of McPherson/Mearns
University of Victoria Libraries
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Thursday May 4

Registration and refreshments

8:30am-9:00am | DSC A308



Panel 1: Networked Pedagogy

9:15am-10:15am | Moderator: Margaret Linley (SFU)

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Claire Battershill (SFU), “Collaborative Pedagogy and the Development of Open Digital Resources”

Rebecca Dowson (SFU), “Building Together: Digital Humanities Communities of Practice"

Ray Siemens (UVic), “Community and Connection: An Approach to Networked Open Social Scholarship”

Colette Colligan + Michelle Levy (SFU), “Digital Fieldwork and DH International Training”

Panel 2: Open Pedagogy

10:30am-11:45am | Moderator: Claire Battershill (SFU)

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Juan Pablo Alperin (SFU), “Shining a Light on Critical Reading with Annotations”

Clint Lalonde (BCCampus), “Open Tools, Open Pedagogy”

Alyssa Arbuckle (UVic), “The Possibilities and Perils of Open (x)”

Matt Huculak + Savannah Gale (UVic), “Personal Archives and Story-telling in the Open Undergraduate DH Classroom”


11:45am-12:45pm | DSC A308

Panel 3: Open Software for Pedagogy

12:45pm-1:45pm | Moderator: Ray Siemens (UVic)

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Lindsey Seatter (UVic), “Remediating the Romantics: A Digital Pedagogy Case Study”

Alison Chapman + Natalie Boldt (UVic), “From Alpha to Omeka: (Digital) Collections-Based Research”

Reese Irwin (SFU), “For the Love of Lists: Building and Disseminating Open Access Bibliographies Using Zotero and Obvibase”

Panel 4: Building Infrastructure for Digital Pedagogy

2:00pm-3:15pm | Moderator: Rebecca Dowson (SFU)

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Michael Joyce (SFU), “Building XML document collections in Islandora”

David N. Wright (Douglas), “Plastic Pedagogies: Design Thinking and the Makerspace Classroom”

Alison Moore (SFU & PKP), “Throw Away the Throw Away Assignment: Using Open Source Tools for Open Pedagogy”

Katie Tanigawa (UVic), “Becoming Scholars: The Map of Early Modern London's student-centred Digital Pedagogy”

Panel 5: SFU-UVIC Current Digital Projects  

3:30pm-4:30pm | Moderator: Kimberly O’Donnell (SFU)

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Margaret Linley (SFU), "Reading Digitally: The Book Up Close and at a Distance"

Jordan Abel (SFU), “Distant Reading Indigenous Poetry: Metadata, Topic Modelling, and Mess”

Catriona Duncan (UVic), “Reading Around the Lines: A Digital Showcase and Analysis of Woodblocks in John Stow’s 1633 The Survey of London”

Caroline Winter (UVic), "Bringing 'The Sweepings of Her Desk' onto our Desktops: Digitizing Mary Shelley's Gothic Tales in The Keepsake."

Group Breakout Sessions  

4:45pm-6:00pm | These will take place in DSC (A308) and in rooms 210 and 219.

These group break-out sessions will allow for smaller group discussions around focused topics. Three break-out sessions are already proposed: there will be opportunity to propose others on the day of the symposium. Break-out groups will have a chance to report back at the end of the symposium on their discussions.

Breakout 1:  Beta-testing, Trouble Shooting Prototypes     
Moderators: Michelle Levy (SFU) + Michael Joyce (SFU)
Room 210

Breakout 2:  Digital Assignments & Evaluation / DH Teaching in Action
Moderators: Colette Colligan (SFU), Lindsey Seatter (UVic), Claire Battershill (SFU)
Room 219

Breakout 3:  Building a SFU-UVIC DPN Repository/Portal
Moderators:  Rebecca Dowson (SFU) + Alison Moore (SFU)
Room A308

Breakout 4: Decolonial DH
Moderator:  Ashley Morford (U of Toronto)
Room A308 

Breakout 5: TBD Day of Symposium

DPN Reception

The Grad House

Friday May 5 

Reception & refreshments

DS Commons (A308)

DH Skills Workshops


The DH Skills Workshops are a partnership between SFU (Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (DHIL), and SFU Library’s Research Commons) and the University of Victoria (ETCL, DHSI, HCMC, and UVic Libraries).

The workshops are free but registration is required.  Space is limited, so make sure to register soon to ensure a space. 

Light lunch & final reporting back  

DS Commons (A308)