Wednesday, March 8, 2023 - 12:00pm to 12:50pm
via Zoom

This workshop is in the past and registrations are unavailable.

All times are Pacific Time Zone (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

This 50 minute session takes a time management approach to the writing process. It is intended to help you break your writing up into steps and get started. It will also introduce useful writing tools such as the assignment calculator and the pomodoro technique. 

This workshop is part of a larger virtual event, Procrastination Awareness Week (PAW), which brings students from participating institutions across Canada together for a week of free workshops, study halls, and social events.

For that reason, to attend the Writing without Procrastination workshop, you will need to register for free for PAW

If your initial attempt to register by entering your Zoom account's email and password doesn't work, try the SSO icon at the bottom of the page (to register with SFU Zoom credentials), or one of the Google, Apple or Facebook items also shown there.

Once you are in the event, click "Join Welcome Room" and navigate to the Writing without Procrastination workshop at it's start time.  You are also warmly invited to attend any other sessions you are interested in throughout the week.

If you have any difficulty registering, please email 

Thank you and please feel free to spread the word to other SFU students.

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