Student Learning Commons: The writing process

The writing process starts as soon as you get your assignment. To help you along, here are some of the SLC's favourite resources: 

Overview sites

Choosing and focusing a topic

Also, part of staying focused is making sure your arguments are sound and well organized, so it's essential to review your draft for problems with argumentation. These sites are recommended by our writing/learning peers!

Crafting thesis statements

Connecting paragraphs and sentences 

  • Cohesion: "the intangible glue that holds paragraphs together" – Clarkson University
  • Transitions: how to make logical connections between sentences, paragraphs, and sections of a paper – University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill
  • Making Connections: Choosing Transition Words – Student Learning Commons

Revising for style and editing for correctness

Any suggestions? Please contact the SLC Writing Services Coordinator.