Resources on studying & reviewing for courses & classes

The Curve of Forgetting (SLC video)
Ever wondered why you can't remember material from previous classes and notes? Watch this short (2:20) Student Learning Commons video to find out why a regular review is SO important, and how you can improve your memory, and your grades.

Preparing an Exam Prep Inventory (SLC video)
Watch this short (2:09) Student Learning Commons video to help you prepare for your exams! Creating an Exam Prep Inventory will help you plan your study time and ensure that you are covering all the important course topics, as you study for your exam.

Exam Preparation through Lectures and Readings
As you complete the lecture and reading for each topic in a course, go through this checklist to enhance your learning and begin the process of effective exam preparation.

How to Study Efficiently and Effectively
Covers study schedule, study environment, and effective study strategies.

Improve Your Memory
Sleep, consistent studying, and deep processing. Wait, what's deep processing? Click through to find out.

Reviewing after Lecture
A key step in your regular study routine.

Video guide: how to study long and hard and still fail… or how to get the most out of studying (Samford University)
A professor of cognitive psychology produced this video series that addresses beliefs that make students fail, how to study for deep processing, and how to recover from failing an exam.

The 9 best scientific study tips (ASAP Science)
Covers short, frequent study sessions; practice testing; teaching others to learn; tips for increased focus; and more!

Creating a Study Plan Video (LinkedIn Learning) 
Note: To use LinkedIn Learning, you will need to set up an account.

Curve of Forgetting (University of Waterloo)
If this doesn't convince you that daily review is necessary and doable, we don't know what will!

Question Method of Studying Video (McMaster University)
Description and example of one of the best methods of test preparation, including a discussion of levels of learning.

Strategies to Improve Your Memory (University of the People)
What is a memory strategy and how can it help you study effectively?

Preparing for an exam? See Exam Preparation.