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Resources on success with study groups at university


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Resources for study groups

Study Groups
Advice from an SFU student on starting a study group.

Study Habits: Study Groups (Gustavus Adolphus College)
Tips on who to invite, how to form, and how to conduct study groups.

Resources applicable to both study groups and project groups

Working in Groups (UBC)
Information, in video format and text, about starting out, setting goals, knowing your strengths, resolving conflict, and working together.

Group Process (UBC)
Covers ground rules, meeting schedule, rules & roles, and supporting tools.

Working in Groups (Mount Royal College)
Goes through the 4 stages of groups - forming, norming, storming and performing - and gives suggestions for problems that may arise at each stage.

Technologies for collaborating with group members

Supporting Collaboration (UBC)
Discusses online tools for writing and creating images collaboratively, as well as for sharing resources.