Resources on improving your sleep habits to achieve academic success

Sleep and the Night Owl (Video: Somnolence+ for SFU)
Are you a night owl? Does it seem like your sleep is out of step with the world around you? Here are some tips to help you manage as a student.

Even a Grad Student Needs Sleep (Video: Somnolence+ for SFU)
Sleep and being a grad student do not always seem to be compatible, especially during those overwhelmingly busy days! Yet sleep is absolutely essential. Check out these tips and recommendations on better sleep.

Why Sleep? (Video: Somnolence+ For SFU)
Why do you need sleep? How does it affect your health and academic success?

Sleep: An Academic Strategy (SLC)
Sleep is crucial for academic success, so read these tips.

NEW! How to Nap for University Students (SFU Recreation)
Three ways to optimize your napping.

Physical Health (SFU Health & Counselling)
Includes strategies to maintain well-being and good physical health, including sleep.

NEW! Understanding Sleep Hygiene and Mental Health (The Family Institute, Northwestern University)
This resource explores good sleep habits, factors affecting the quality of sleep, and how sleep hygiene is linked to mental health outcomes.

Sleep (Cornell University)
A short piece that states undergraduates need 7-9 hours of sleep per night! Read why that number is so important and find links to sleep resources.

Irregular Sleep/Wake Patterns are Associated with Poorer Academic Performance and Delayed Circadian and Sleep/Wake Timing (Nature)
This article from prestigious scientific journal Nature provides research evidence that links post-secondary students' irregular sleeping patterns with poorer academic performance.

How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need? (Video: ASAP Science)
This source only says 7-8 hours, but it is not specifically talking about post-secondary students.

How to Get Better Sleep (Video: ASAP Thought)
A short, humorous video that gives several practical tips.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep (Here to Help BC)
10 sleep tips, along with a link to a sleep diary to track your sleep habits.

Sleep Foundation (OneCare Media and National Sleep Foundation, USA)
Information on everything you ever wanted to know about sleep!

If you have tried self-help measures to improve your sleep habits and are still experiencing difficulty, please contact SFU's Health and Counselling Services for free and confidential assistance.