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Resources on improving your sleep habits to achieve academic success

Sleep:  An Academic Strategy (SLC)
Sleep is crucial for academic success, so read these tips.

Sleep for Success (SFU Health & Counselling & OLC)
Basic tips for getting a better night's sleep.

Physical Health (SFU Health & Counselling) - includes strategies for several aspects of physical health, including sleep.

Sleep (Cornell University)
A short piece that says that undergraduates need 8.5-9.25 hours of sleep per night, explains why, and links to sleep resources.

Irregular Sleep/Wake Patterns are Associated with Poorer Academic Performance and Delayed Circadian and Sleep/Wake Timing (Nature) - This article, from a prestigious scientific journal, provides research evidence that links post-secondary students' irregular sleeping patterns with poorer academic performance.

How Much Sleep do you Actually Need? (Video:  ASAP Science)
This source only says 7-8 hours, but it is not specifically talking about post-secondary students.

How to get a Better Sleep (Video:  ASAP Thought)
A short, humorous video that gives several practical tips.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep (Here to Help BC)
10 sleep tips, along with a link to a sleep diary and a reference list.

National Sleep Foundation (U.S.A.)
Information on everything you ever wanted to know about sleep!

If you have tried self-help measures to improve your sleep habits and are still experiencing difficulty, please contact SFU's Health and Counselling Services for free and confidential assistance.