Resources on helping you stay motivated at university


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Study With Me video (Beedie School of Business) - This video takes you through a 2-hour Pomodoro study session with a virtual companion.

Motivation & Academic Outcomes (SFU)
A few strategies to help with motivation.

Goal Setting & Accountability  (SFU)
Helps you set, and follow up, on goals so that you will actually follow through with them!

The Ultimate Guide to Motivation
What motivation can help you achieve, how motivation works, and 8 ways to help you motivate yourself.

Get Motivated (City College of San Francisco)
Some simple and practical strategies to try.

Goal Setting and Planning (University of Victoria)
Advocates for "Learning Goals" over "Performance Goals" and introduces the TASC system for setting goals.

8 Simple Tips to Stay Motivated (AsapTHOUGHT)
A short video offering simple strategies for motivation drawn from the research.