Resources on developing concentration and focus skills at university

Study With Me video (Beedie School of Business) - This video takes you through a 2-hour Pomodoro study session with a virtual companion.

Concentration Strategies (SFU)
Self-assessment helps you identify what usually distracts you and helps you choose new strategies.

Concentration (SFU)
A detailed look at strategies to improve your concentration.

How to Study Efficiently and Effectively (SFU)
Includes tips on study environment, optimal times to study, and active study methods.

Focus and Concentration (Queen's University)
Addresses how to focus when studying and in lectures.

Improving Concentration/ Memory (Virginia Tech)
An interactive online workshop on the subject.

Study Environment Analysis (Virginia Tech)
Where you study is a big influence on how well you will concentrate.  This page addresses study environment, as well as other factors such as goal setting that influence successful concentration.

A tool for blocking distracting websites.