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5 EAL resources to check out during self-isolation/quarantine

Enjoy learning about these language learning resources and make use of them while you are stuck at home this summer
Published by Julia Lane

Being stuck at home doesn't mean the learning needs to stop! Use this opportunity to spend time on your language learning goals. Check out my top 5 tips on where to find (free!) language learning resources: 

1. Duolingo

This handy web and mobile app lets users learn a multitude of languages including English. You'll go through different levels and checkpoints, mastering grammar, and reading and learning new vocabulary along the way. Challenge yourself to complete one lesson a day in order to gain more points, which you can then use for rewards. The cute little Mascot named Duo will be your personal supporter!

2. SFU Library Criterion Collection 

Perhaps you've run out of Netflix shows to watch or maybe you're looking for something a little less mainstream... if so, check out Criterion, a database filled with movies and documentaries, all for FREE. All you need is your SFU ID and password to get access. Don't forget the popcorn!

3. Phrasal Verb Dictionary

What do the phrases "to hand off," "to hand down," and "to hand in" all have in common? (besides the fact that they all use the word "hand" and can get confusing!) They're all phrasal verbs, a heavily used way to speak and make sense of what someone else is talking about. Use this dictionary to familiarize yourself with more examples and sentences you could use in your daily life!

4. ESL-Lab

This is a great tool for those wanting more practice in their listening and comprehension. With hundreds of audio clips ranging from beginner to advanced, you'll be sure to gain a better understanding. Topics include gardening, the dating scene, vacations, and dinner recipes.

5. Breaking News English

Based on true current events, this website helps readers learn more about the world in an English setting. The best part is that all topics have various levels available when you want to brush up or when you want a challenge! The topics are great for having discussions and testing out your reading comprehension.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out some of these online resources and work on your skills everyday to see improvements. Good luck!


- Bessie W., SLC EAL Peer  


image credit: Bessie Wong, made using Canva 

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