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SA 337 - Sexuality and Society

Contact Info

For Library research help, please contact Moninder Lalli, Librarian for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies by email () or Ask a librarian.

Guides and Tutorials

Research Process

  1. Define your topic.
  2. Look for background information:  Background Information (Encyclopedias, Biographical, Chronologies, Guides to First Nations Research),
  3. Based on your preliminary research, formulate a research question that you intend to address through more comprehensive research. You will ultimately address this research question in your thesis.
  4. Brainstorm keywords for each concept in your topic to use for searching for information.
  5. Use  Library Catalogue to find books and use "subject lists" of Journal Article Databases to find articles.
  6. Evaluate your resources.
  7. Note key authors and works that may lead you to further sources.

Search tips & techniques

  • Use "or" to combine same concept;   Use "and" to combine different concepts.  
    • Use asterisk (*) the truncation symbol, for variation on endings of words (child* will find: child, children, childless, childlike).           "$, ?, *, !" are common truncation symbols. Most use asterisk.
    • Use "quotation marks" to search for an exact phrase
  • Alternate spellings: use American/Canadian spelling (honour or honor).  Use abbreviations and full words (TV or television)
  • Geographic concepts: Specific to broader ( Vancouver or BC or British Columbia or Canada or North America)
  • Alternate terms: Subject headings/Descriptors/Thesauri words (youth or adolescents or teenagers or young adults);
    • Thesauri words increase relevancy.
  • If there is only "one-line search box", try using combining different concepts in the following way:
    • (____________ or __________) AND (__________ or ________)
  • Library guide: Search tips for Google and Google Scholar
    • ​​Search in titles of results​
    • Use intitle: to force Google to find those words in titles of the results list​
    • intitle:"gender identity"

Selected encyclopedias


Find books in the Library Catalogue. For help, see the Library Catalogue search guide.

Search by topic


Go from "keywords" searching to "subject" searching. E.g.

  • ("sexual identity" or queer or transgender or gay) and (race or ethni*)
  • sexuality and society
  • sexual* and (race or class) and histor*
  • gender relations

From the results list, examine the relevant books more closely.  Click on the relevant  "subject heading" within their library record to find other books on the topic.      

Subject Headings

  • Name of specific person (feminist) for biographical and critical material about that person
    • For writings about particular authors - do a browse search
      • Butler, Judith
      • Foucault, Michel
  • Body, Human -- Social aspects
  • Gay Rights -- United States
  • Gay Liberation Movement -- Canada
  • Gender identity
  • Homosexuality -- United States
  • Queer Theory
  • Sex discrimination -- United States
  • Sex role -- United States
  • Sexism
  • Transsexuals

Journal Articles

The following databases index journals from social science disciplines.  Limit your results to "academic" or "scholarly" articles.