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NOMOS titles Now Online in HeinOnline (Political and Legal Philosophy)

Published by Yolanda Koscielski

I'm pleased to note that SFU Library now provides online access to the database NOMOS - American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy. To view, simply log into HeinOnline via the SFU Library. Each volume OF NOMOS features essays on a specific topic, such as protest and dissent (2020), moral universalism and pluralism (2009), and transitional justice (2012).

Of note, SFU Library owns many of these NOMOS volumes in print. If we don't an issue that you would like online or in print, feel free to place an interlibrary loan.

About: "NOMOS is the annual yearbook of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy. The ASPLP was begun in 1955 by Carl Friedrich to bring together a group of political scientists, philosophers and law scholars interested in exploring legal and political philosophy outside of their home disciplines. The main activity of the society is its annual meeting held on a topic chosen in advance by the ASPLP membership, at which three papers—one from each of the participating disciplines—are presented. The society publishes these papers, along with formal commentary and invited additional essays, in the NOMOS volumes."