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How "hot" is this case? and other CANLII enhancements

Published by Yolanda Koscielski
There have been a couple of great developments to CanLII which will significantly enhance the legal research process.  As you may know, CanLII is the massive open access database that allows you to access Canadian case law and legislation via one portal. 
Now, CanLII has expanded its existing note-up tool: 
1. You can now note up a case by paragraph, as well as quickly determine which which sections of a decision are considered the most important (i.e., cited) in subsequent cases.
2. CanLII has added a jalapeños intensity scale for ranking the relevancy of "citing cases" 
See how hot a case is in CanLII, that is, how intensively "citing cases" have discussed the original case. When you view a list of "citing cases", an improved relevancy ranking in your search results will assign more jalapeños to cases that discuss the cited case in more depth.
You can read more about these useful developments in CanLII's entertaining blog post.
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