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Chemistry information resources: Facts & data

Guidebooks for finding chemical information

  • Chemical information for chemists: a primer [print]
  • Chemical information mining: facilitating literature-based discovery [print]
  • How to find chemical information: a guide for practicing chemists, educators, and students [print]

Organic & organometallic chemical data



  • CRC handbook of data on organic compounds [print]
  • Handbook of organic chemistry [print]
  • Names, synonyms, and structures of organic compounds [print]
  • Physico-chemical constants of pure organic compounds [print]
  • Systematic identification of organic compounds [print]

Inorganic chemical data



Reactions and reaction mechanisms

  • Comprehensive organic functional group transformations II [print]
  • Handbook of organic analytical reagents [print]
  • Inorganic reactions and methods [print]
  • Name reactions: a collection of detailed reaction mechanisms [online or print]
  • Name reactions and reagents in organic synthesis [print]
  • Named organic reactions [print]
  • Organic reaction mechanisms [print]
  • Organic reactions [print]
  • Purification of laboratory chemicals [print]
  • Preparative inorganic reactions[print]



Note: Both of these databases are located on Standalone Computer 2




  • Absorption spectra in the ultraviolet and visible region [print]
  • Aldrich library of 13C and 1H FT NMR spectra [print]
  • Aldrich library of FT-IR spectra [print]
  • Atlas of carbon-13 NMR data [print]
  • Atlas of spectral data and physical constants for organic compounds [print]
  • CRC handbook of chromatography [print]
  • CRC handbook of chemistry and physics [online or print]
  • EPA/NIH mass spectral data base [print]
  • Handbook of NMR spectral parameters [print]
  • Handbook of organic compounds: NIR, IR, Raman, and UV-Vis spectra featuring polymers and surfactants [print]
  • Handbook of spectroscopy [print]
  • Handbook of ultraviolet and visible absorption spectra of organic compounds [print]
  • Infrared and Raman spectra of inorganic and coordination compounds [print]
  • Infrared band handbook [print]
  • Organic electronic spectral data [print]
  • Spectrometric identification of organic compounds [print]
  • Structure determination of organic compounds: tables of spectral data [print]
  • Tabulation of infrared spectral data [print]
  • UV atlas of organic compounds [print]