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Canadian Business Directories


LexisNexis contains a large number of directories from around the world, often with valuable added details such as the approximate sales revenue and number of employees at each company.

For the broadest (international) search, click on Companies (left column) then on Company Profiles.  Your search will then be done through the All Companies source covering a wide range of directories.

LexisNexis is not a simple database to use.  There is some help available within the database, but please do not hesitate to ask for help at the AskUs/Reference Desks in any SFU Library branch.

General directories

If you are looking for lists of companies nationally or in particular provinces/cities, one of the many general "Yellow Page" style directories on the web may work for you.  Try such sites as:

There are other Canadian business directory sites on the Internet that offer more details than the average "Yellow Page" site, although they may not be as comprehensive.  The following is just a sample list.  Ask a librarian for help finding other sites if necessary.

Additional resources

Other starting points for this type of research include these SFU Library guides:

Finally, please come to the Research Help desks at all our branches if you are having trouble.  We can often suggest other resources or approaches once we know more about what you need.