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Interactive, bite-size instruction on more key workplace skills — expanded Sage Skills: Business

Published by Mark Bodnar

 Update (June 2023): Sage Skills: Business is now known as Sage Business Skills. All of the links in this post will still work, and the super-useful content hasn't changed... just the name!

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  Q:  What's better than an online resource designed to support 54 foundational, high-demand workplace skills? 

  A:  An online resource designed to support 59 foundational, high-demand workplace skills! 

Our Sage Skills: Business resource, first announced here in the BUEC Buzz less than a year ago, has expanded. Sage has added one new skill to each of the five modules in the database, and the new skills are just as interactive & important in all workplaces as the initial 54:

Screen capture of the table of contents of the new Data Informed Decisions skill

But simple bullet points hide the true depth of this resource, and of its newest five skills...  Just as each module covers 10 or more skills, each skill also covers several topics, which means these five new skills address more than 80 workplace-relevant topics, with about 900 topics in total waiting to be learned. That's 900 topics that will benefit students in all disciplines... because we all end up in workplaces of some sort!

For instance... the new Data Informed Decisions skill within the Data Analytics module covers Dataset Preliminaries, Decision-Making Informed by Data, and a catch-all section covering everything you do after the decision has been made: Communicating the Decision, Analyzing the Effect of the Decision, and Continual Improvement.

And each of those sections breaks into smaller topics full of scenarios and videos to make your learning engaging and, well, bite sized! Check out the useful topics covered by just the Decision-Making Informed by Data section to get a sense of the depth of this resource: 

Screen capture of the 4 topics covered in the Decision-Making Informed by Data section.

Yellow star image with text: All SFU alumni have full, off-campus access to this valuable resource!

I mentioned earlier that the skills and topics covered in Sage Skills: Business are relevant to all students regardless of what you're studying. They are also relevant both during your time here at SFU and after you've graduated... which is why I'm particularly pleased to point out that SFU alumni also have full access to this resource, both on and off campus!

Sage Skills: Business joins a growing collection of resources that we've been able to license for alumni use. See the "off-campus" section of our Alumni Services guide to learn about other resources you can keep using from home after you graduate.

As always, let me know if you have any questions at all.

— Mark
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian