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New! Sage Skills: Business - interactive & flexible learning of key workplace skills

Published by Mark Bodnar

 Update (June 2023): Sage Skills: Business is now known as Sage Business Skills. All of the links in this post will still work, and the super-useful content hasn't changed... just the name!

I'm very pleased to announce that SFU students (and instructors!) now have access to an online resource designed to support a wide range of foundational, high-demand workplace skills: Sage Skills: Business.

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When you're in the middle of a busy semester, grinding away at papers, projects, and midterms, it can be easy to forget that university is about more than just learning whatever topic is in the name of your course. Your employers — both current and future — expect that you are also developing the core skills needed in all workplaces: skills such as problem solving, communication, leadership, and teamwork, as well as more modern requirements such as data analysis & visualization. 

And, since we live in an increasingly dynamic world, graduating students from all faculties, departments, and concentration areas also increasingly need a firm grounding in entrepreneurial skills to be able to work in "environments of uncertainty, and with limited resources."

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Sage Skills: Business covers all those career skills and much more!

Students can start with online self assessments, then design their own learning path through topics ranging from Cultural Competence to Personal Selling & Brand Management.  

Instructors will find that many of the skills covered are also relevant to their assignments. See, for example, Creative Problem SolvingInterpreting Business Data, Presenting & Speaking, and Teamwork, each of which could be assigned as pre-work to ensure that everyone in the class has the non-subject skills needed to complete your assignments. Instructors can guide students to specific topics via direct links or by using the provided embedding codes to build topics right into your Canvas course.

Yellow star image with text: All SFU alumni have full, off-campus access to this valuable resource!

Alumni also have full access to this resource, both on and off campus! Sage Skills: Business joins a growing collection of resources that we've been able to license for alumni use. See the "off-campus" section of our Alumni Services guide to learn about other resources you can keep using from home after you graduate.

Sage Skills: Business is divided into the following five modules, each of which includes guides to several skills, and each of those skills is divided into multiple interactive topics... so within a few clicks you can learn about over 800 different topics. (E.g., Leadership > Ethics > Leading the Socially Responsible Organization > Contributing to the Community...)

  Screen capture of the tile for accessing the Data Analytics module in SAGE Skills: Business.  Screen capture of the tile for accessing the Entrepreneurship module in SAGE Skills: Business.  Screen capture of the tile for accessing the Leadership module in SAGE Skills: Business.  Screen capture of the tile for accessing the Organizational Communication module in SAGE Skills: Business.  Screen capture of the tile for accessing the Professionalism module in SAGE Skills: Business.

But wait... there's more! Most of the topics end with "Explore next" and "More like this" notes: recommendations of related skills in the same database plus related case studies from our Sage Business Cases database. This is a much deeper resource than the initial five module tiles (above) would seem to indicate! Dig in and let me know if you have any questions or comments!

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian