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Sage Business Cases adds 600+ more case studies... with more on the way!

Published by Mark Bodnar

I'm excited to announce that more than 600 new business case studies have been added to our Sage Business Cases (SBC) database, bringing SBC's total number of cases to 6123

That's 6123 cases studies that are...

Logo of Sage Business Cases

 fully & freely available for all of SFU: One less expense for students in our inflationary world;

 owned by SFU: Instructors can assign them and be confident they won't disappear partway through the term; and

 diverse-by-design: Sage partners with case producers from around the world, then fills in any gaps with commissioned cases, thus ensuring the collection offers both diverse perspectives and diverse topics.

Here are just a few of the new SBC cases available here at SFU:

Logo of the Bumble companyWhat Does Leadership Change Mean for Bumble? (Sage)
This is an example of one of Sage's Express Cases: short, news-driven, no-prep cases that help students apply theory to current affairs in business. 

Ten new express cases were added this month, with fifty more planned throughout 2024, each on whatever major business developments are in the news at the time. Learn more about express cases in my July 2022 post: Engage your students with case studies on current news events: Express Cases via SBC.

logo of the Society for Case ResearchALDO, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Supply Chain Disruptions (Society for Case Research)
The Society for Case Research is SBC's newest content partner with 80 new SCR cases now in the database. 

You may recognize the SCR as the publisher of three journals: Business Case JournalJournal of Critical Incidents, and Journal of Case Studies. The SCR cases added to Sage Business Cases all appear to be from those journals, but (a) the Sage versions come with Teaching Notes (see the box below for details on access to Notes); and (b) the Sage cases are formatted for easy embedding in Canvas.

Screen capture of the logo for the Agribusiness series of cases in Sage Business Cases -- shows three plants

American Egg: Strategic Growth and International Expansion (Sage)
This is one of 4 cases in SBC's new "Agribusiness" series. If agribusiness is your interest, start here!  And if agribusiness is your love, consider collaborating with Sage to publish your own cases on the topic!

Rotterdam School of Management: CDC Case Writing Training Material
In a bit of a departure from the norm, the new SBC content includes this 4-part series offering valuable advice to aspiring case writers. (If case writing is in your future, consider submitting to Sage so your work will show up in Sage Business Cases!)

 Teaching Notes: Close to 80% of SBC's cases (and 100% of the Express Cases) include Teaching Notes with suggested teaching strategies, target audience details, and possible responses to discussion questions that can help facilitate classroom discussion.

Current SFU instructors can access the notes by creating a profile within Sage Business Cases and emailing Mark Bodnar (mbodnar@sfu.ca) for an instructor verification code to add to your profile. See Unlock Teaching Notes for more on the steps involved or watch this short video: Sage Business Cases Teaching Notes Access.

Yellow star with text: "SFU alumni have full, off-campus access to this valuable resource!

Finally, don't forget that our Sage Business Cases database is also available for remote access by SFU alumni. Hope you find it useful!

Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian