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Drones, drugs, data and more: new Plunkett Industry Almanacs!

Published by Mark Bodnar

I'm very pleased to report that we've added several industry almanacs to our Plunkett Research Online collection:

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Aerospace, Satellite, Aircraft & Drones Industry Almanac 2018
Airliners, Aircraft Manufacturing, OEM, Avionics, Electronics, Rockets, Satellites, Drones...

Biotechnology, Drugs & Genetics Industry Almanac 2018
Genomics, Proteomics, Biopharmaceuticals, Commercialization...

Cover of Plunkett's Sharing & Gig Economy ebook
Entertainment, Publishing & Media Industry Almanac 2018
Film & Video, Radio & TV, Cable & Satellites, Magazines & Books, Gaming, Newspapers, New Media...

Games, Apps & Social Media Industry Almanac 2018
Mobile Gaming, Game Consoles, 3D Games, Online Gaming, Apps & Smartphones, Social Media... 

Health Care Industry Almanac 2018
Health Care Technologies, Patient Data Systems, Managed Care...

Manufacturing & Robotics Industry Almanac 2018
Robotics & Technologies, Supply Chain, Offshoring & Reshoring, Contract Manufacturing...

Renewable & Alternative Energy Industry Almanac 2018
Fuel Cells, Wind Power, Solar Power, Cogeneration, Power Storage, Hydrogen, Hydroelectric, Biomass...

Sharing, Gig & Freelance Economy Almanac 2018
Car & Driver Services, Meal Delivery, Shopping & Food Delivery Services, Freelance/Contingent Workforce, Gig Careers...

Telecommunications Industry Almanac 2018
Deregulation, Fiber Optics, VOIP, Data Networks, Cellular & Wireless... 

And coming soon...

  • Advertising & Branding Industry Almanac 2018  (March 2018)
  • Green Technology Industry Almanac 2018  (April 2018)
  • Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Almanac 2018  (April 2018)

Each of these almanacs devotes 500+ pages to the...

  • major trends that are creating rapid changes in their target industry,  
  • in-depth statistics on sales, manufacturing, employment and more,
  • key contacts (associations, government agencies, and internet sites), and a
  • detailed directory of major firms, complete with high-level financial data and growth plans.

Plunkett industry almanacs are a useful supplement to our other industry reports, such as those in our IBISWorld collection.  We'll be adding links to these new editions to relevant SFU Library pages such as our Industry Surveys and Biotechnology Industry research guides over the next couple weeks. 

Questions?  Send them my way!

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian