Biotechnology industry resources

This guide lists selected print and online information sources available to SFU researchers. If you do not find what you need, contact Mark Bodnar,, the Liaison Librarian for Business.

The biotechnology field is full of new terms and concepts that you really have to understand to properly study the industry. The first two sections of this guide (overview and current awareness) contain resources to help you understand the jargon and to provide the most current view of the industry.



See the sub-section on Bio-economy for a high-level view

What is Biotechnology?
Biotechnology Industry Association

Principles of Biomedical Sciences and Industry: Translating Ideas into Treatments
Ebook (2022): "covers the entire product lifecycle, from translating a scientific idea into a prototype to product development, launch, and management."

More? - Google search for "what is biotechnology"

Focused on the industry

Biotech Business
from The Balance - some basic articles aimed at educating investors

Deloitte, Touche, Tomatsu: BioPharmaceuticals, Medical Technology, and Generics 
Search their site for more reports and articles - you may have to register (free) to view some documents

Ernst & Young: Scan the Life Sciences part of the E&Y site

Industry Handbook: Biotechnology

Plunkett's Biotech, Pharmaceuticals & Genetics Industry Almanac 2022
Biotech & genetics industry market research, statistics, trends & leading companies. See also the Health Care Industry Almanac by the same publisher.

More? - Check out the governments & associations sections below as well as our separate Industry Surveys guide


BIO's Glossaries: Glossary of Biotechnology Regulation and Compliance Terminology & Glossary of Agricultural Biotechnology Terms

Also try searching our catalogue using the subject Biotechnology - Dictionaries 

General business dictionaries: See the Dictionaries section of the SFU Library's guide to Business Writing for many online and print business dictionaries

Current awareness (news sources)

News sources that you can easily check frequently to keep on top of this rapidly changing field:

Note that many of the relevant journals and magazines available online for SFU researchers have "alert" features that allow you to get emails when new issues are published or your chosen topics are reported on. See section 4.4 (Electronic Journals) of this guide for tips on finding relevant e-journals.

Articles and reports

Business Source Complete is most likely to be the first article database that you should try, but the other resources on the following lists may also be useful. Ask for assistance if you can't find what you need in these databases.

Business/marketing perspective

Frost & Sullivan
In-depth industry and market research reports with global coverage of emerging technologies and services in many industries. Start by browsing the subsectors within Healthcare and within Chemicals, Materials, & Foods.
Note: Pilot subscription extended to August 2024. Feedback welcome!

Business Source Complete (BSC)
Uses SUBJECTS such as Biotechnology industries, Genetic engineering industry, and Pharmaceutical biotechnology industry. More tips for this database:

  • BSC includes the full-text of such journals/magazines as Biotech Business, Biotech Financial Reports, Worldwide Biotech, and the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology
  • Note that Business Source Complete also offers some MedTrack and MarketLine company profiles for major companies around the world. Click on the More > Company Profiles button at the top of the screen in the database and search for your company
  • BSC also has thousands of industry and market reports, many of which touch on biotech topics. From the main search screen, check the box next to the Document Type "Industry Overviews" to focus your search on such reports

Analysis of US, Canada, China and global industries providing insight into current and future industry performance, changing trends, operating conditions and supply chain linkages. Covers dozens of industries in the Life Science field

Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis)
Has many full-text trade publications that deal with this topic. Start by adding some or all of these sources to a search filter. 

Global business and industry news from over 30,000 publications, including the Wall Street Journal.
Key publications to watch for within Factiva: 

Check our lists of business databases for additional suggestions.

Science perspective (including biology, medicine, and computing)

Remember to include terms such as industry, business, or commerce in your searches to focus on the business aspects of the topic or you will be buried in scientific articles.

Multidisciplinary perspective

Key journals

The SFU Library provides hundreds of journals & magazines that touch on biotechnology, most of which are available online for all current SFU researchers. For examples, see such titles as... Biotechnology & bioengineering, Biotechnology progress, and Biotechnology advances, as well as such magazines as Biotech Financial Reports.

You might want to start by scanning the recent issues of some of the Nature Reviews titles owned by SFU. For example ...



Books often provide a deeper and broader treatment of a subject than you can get from either a journal article or a web site. Start your search in the SFU Library Catalogue with the following subjects:

Company information

Note that some of the resources listed in the Current Awareness section of this guide will give you recent company news/press releases. In addition, the databases listed in the Articles and Reports section are likely to provide company-specific information. The resources below are for more detailed financial information about companies - primarily of publicly-traded companies.

Key databases (largely financial data)


More detailed SFU Library guides for company information

Associations and industry organizations

Associations and industry organizations often have publications, news, and links to further resources. The following are a few of the many associations and organizations associated with biotechnology. 

Government information

Governments at all levels can be great sources of useful data and analysis. 

British Columbia


United States


Web guides & directories

These sites have been chosen because they have extensive links to biotechnology information. They are great places to start searching if the resources in this guide don't have what you need.


Web sites


Start by searching the indexes listed in the Articles & Reports section above. The following list of journals is among the many potentially relevant titles that are online for SFU researchers.


Start your search in our catalogue with such subject headings as:


The following guides to patent research are great starting points: