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Renewed and ready for research: Frost & Sullivan emerging tech reports

Published by Mark Bodnar

I'm very pleased to announce that we've renewed our subscription to the Frost & Sullivan database for another year. 

For those who are new to it, F&S is our main source for market research focused on emerging technology products, markets, and strategies.  

logo of Frost & Sullivan

Tempting Titles...

To give you a sense of the type of content you'll find in F&S, consider these recent additions to the collection of over 50,000 reports, grouped by industry: 

simple line drawing of a stethoscope in front of a computer monitor

  • COVID-19—Implications for the Healthcare Industry, 2020: Winning Strategies and Key Opportunities that are Evolving During this Disruption

simple line drawing of a scientific beaker and some plants
Chemicals, Materials & Foods

  • Global Food and Beverage Flavors Market, Forecast to 2030: Demand for Bold, Ethnic, and Global Flavor Profiles will Boost Innovation; Natural Flavors will Drive Growth

simple line drawing of a lightning bolt with an electrical cord attached to it
Energy & Power Systems         

  • Global Ultracapacitor Market, Forecast to 2026: Adoption of Electric Vehicles Contributes to Strong Revenue Growth, While the Mature Consumer Electronics Vertical Drives Volumes

simple line drawing of a house with a large light bulb inside it
Environment & Building Technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence in the Global Homes & Buildings Industry, Forecast to 2030: A Profound Understanding of Value-based Outcome is Crucial for the Mass Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in the Homes & Buildings Industry

simple line drawing of a car with an electrical cord attached to its back
Automotive & Transportation

  • Strategic Analysis of the Canadian EV Market, 2019: Toyota and Tesla Have Monopolized the Hybrid and the BEV Markets, Respectively, While Hyundai-Kia Has Offerings Across All xEV Types

simple line drawing of gears and computer servers
Information & Communication Tech. 

  • Global Big Data Analytics Market Fueling Artificial Intelligence, 2020: Predictive Analytics and Security Applications Present Key Growth Opportunities

simple line drawing of a rocket
Aerospace & Defense

  • 2020 Global Commercial Aerospace Outlook: The Pressure is off in the Long-standing Duopoly between Boeing and Airbus as Boeing will Now have to Regroup and Recover

simple line drawing of a 3D printer
Electronics and Security

  • Opportunities Analysis : Convergence of AI in 3D Printing: The Convergence of Artificial Intelligence with 3D Printing is the Future of Smart and Digital Manufacturing

simple line drawing of a mobile telecom tower
Measurement & Instrumentation 

  • 5G-powered Digital Economy Catalyzing the Global Wireless Technology Market, 2020–2024: IoT, SDN, and Low-power Consuming Wireless Technologies to Drive Growth Opportunities

simple line drawing of a dollar symbol surrounded by circuit nodes
Business & Financial Services

  • How Blockchain is Transforming the Financial Services Industry: Current Use Cases Propelling Growth Opportunities in Trade Finance, KYC/AML, and Cross-Border Payments

simple line drawing of basic pump
Industrial Automation 

  • 2025 Vision: Future of Pumps in a Connected World: Innovative Business Models Centered Around Services are Expected to Unlock New Revenue Streams for the Pumps Industry

Sorry about the super-long list... again, this is just a tiny sample of the thousands of F&S reports available.  I hope it tempts you to log in and explore for more!

Special note about access to downloadable copies of reports

Frost & Sullivan has some unusual rules for access to downloadable PDFs of their reports: 

(a) All SFU researchers can view the full reports within the database interface and take screen captures of single pages, infographics, etc. This option is available both remotely and on campus (when campuses are open) for current SFU people. Guests (non-SFU researchers) are also able to view reports, but only when logged into the computers in our library branches, which unfortunately remain closed at the moment.

(b) SFU students may request PDF delivery of specific reports from Frost & Sullivan for legitimate academic use. Please contact Ajo Joseph of F&S from a valid SFU email account with your request. (The address of Ajo Joseph is also listed on the database's home page.)

(c) Continuing SFU faculty and staff can either use option (b) above to download single reports or email the same people listed above to request a separate database access method that allows full access to all PDFs from within the interface.

Share your stories: Our current Frost & Sullivan subscription expires in Aug. 2021. Dedicated, ongoing funding is not

line drawing of a young man celebrating with his arms in the air
yet available for this resource, so a renewal of the subscription beyond that date is not guaranteed.

If you use it, please do send me your stories!

  • What role did it play in your research? 
  • What is the focus of your research?
  • What department are you in? 
  • Did F&S make your day? 


As always, let me know if you have any questions!

— Mark
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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