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Macat Library series: Brief analysis of major economic & business theories

Published by Mark Bodnar

From Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations to Karl Marx's Capital; and from William Whyte's The Organization Man to John Maynard Keynes' General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money... our library is full of classic writings in economics and business. 

Such publications are the bedrock of much that you are learning in your classes, so it's important that you understand them. However, your schedule is already very full, and your instructors have already assigned you more than enough readings to fill whatever time is left outside of class and work. 

Given your time constraints, why not start with a volume from The Macat Library series?  A short (~100 pg) Macat Library analysis that outlines the content, context, and consequences of each theory might be just the jumpstart you need to more efficiently tackle the real deal!

Here are just a few of the 40+ titles from The Macat Library series that are available for SFU researchers: 

Book covers by ISBNs: 9781912453481 9781912284689 9781912302086 9781912127337 9781912304004 9781912303670 9781912302253 9781912302130 9781912453498 9781912453009 9781912303991 9781912453993 9781351350242 9781912303168 9781912128204 9781351350372 9781351350334 9781351350624 9781351350266 9781912128051 9781351350150 9781912127597 9781912128068 9781912127047 9781912128181 9781912127085 9781912127368 9781912127122 9781912128433 9781912128945 9781912128754 9781912128686 9781912127719

From the publisher: 

The Macat Library: Great Works for Critical Thinking

Making the ideas of the world’s great thinkers accessible, affordable, and comprehensible to everybody, everywhere.

With a growing list of over 180 titles across a broad range of subject areas, Macat works with leading academics from the world’s top universities to produce new analyses that focus on the ideas and the impact of the most influential works ever written. By setting them in context – and looking at the influences that shaped their authors, as well as the responses they provoked – Macat encourages readers to look at these classics and game-changers with fresh eyes.

And if you like the time-saving nature of our The Macat Library titles, you may also like the many titles we have in the Oxford Very Short Introduction series! We no longer have the VSI books on display, but they are definitely still part of our collection. Enjoy!

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian

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