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Short, sweet, and to the point... Oxford's Very Short Introductions to hundreds of topics

Published by Mark Bodnar

Have you ever been at a party (or in a tutorial... same thing...) when someone brought up a peripheral topic -- not core to your usual research area, but apparently relevant to your studies? 

As a seasoned scholar who understands that knowledge doesn't live in isolated silos, you certainly want to learn more about such peripheral topics. 

line drawing of a clock with a large arrow moving counter clockwise around the outside
As always, though, time is tight. As much as you love the depth of the millions of books in our collection, you really just need a reasonably brief overview of the topic. More than a random definition or blurb from the Internet, of course! Ideally, something that hits the sweet spot between frustratingly brief and mind-numbingly long. 

How about a Very Short Introduction?

Photo of many books from Oxford's Very Short Introduction series on a shelf.

Next time you are walking by our Burnaby (WAC Bennett) Library, come in to see our new display of titles from Oxford's "Very Short Introduction" series on our main floor. From Accounting and Adolescence all the way through to World Music and the World Trade Association, the hundreds of titles in this series provide, well... very short introductions to many of the topics that will come up in your classes.

And, as you might expect from the series title, these print books are short and thin -- perfect to fit in your pocket and scan on the bus!

Here are a few examples of VSI titles that might be of particular interest to our Economics and Business students: 

Book covers by ISBNs: 9780198716471 9780198787945 9780199218462 0192803034 9780198825043 9780198728795 9780199602919 9780198726074 9780199588480 9780199699360 9780199596652 9780199583584 9780199560516 9780199569915 9780195311068 9780199591640 9780199551378 9780199684311 9780192853455 9780198706786 9780198754992 9780198735281 9780199672660 9780199683697 9780199689378 9780198725732 9780199670543 9780198779551 9780199560516 9780195311068 9780199606412 9780199568925 9780195326345 9780199233564 0192893203 9780199695980 9780198736257


-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian

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