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Free poll results on trust in news sources (and much more!)

Published by Mark Bodnar

Happy sunny Friday!

A couple bits of public-opinion-polling news today: 

1. Ipsos just published a report on Trust in News Sources in Canada -- extremely relevant and important in our age of fake news.basic image of a survey or interview questionnaire

The infographic-laden Report is freely available, as are two separate documents containing the demographic breakdown for the responses to each question on the survey.

That is, you can download Detailed Tables 1 and Detailed Tables 2 to find out how the responses to such questions as "Do you trust the news you read or hear - Facebook" varied by gender, age range, education level, region of Canada, household income, and whether or not kids are part of the household.

2. Still with Ipsos, they are in the midst of a move toward providing a greater number of detailed poll results for free (no more subscription required) on a global scale.  Check out their Canada, US, UK, and Global sites to start.  Look for a link to News & Polls at each site.

I understand that the transition is underway, but isn't quite complete for all countries (including Canada). For now, see below for just a few of the detailed survey reports now available, but make sure you visit their sites again soon!

Finally, don't forget that earlier this year Ipsos Canada made the detailed data files from over 60 survey series conducted in Canada over the last decade freely available to all (via a donation to Wilfred Laurier University), thus creating the   Ipsos Canadian Public Affairs Dataverse. Read my earlier blog post to learn more about the bus/econ implications of that valuable resource.

Now stop reading and go enjoy the sun!

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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