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Laos, Cuba, Ghana, Iraq, and beyond: Expanded Passport database!

Published by Mark Bodnar

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Secondary market research is hard.  Sometimes really hard. Maybe you knew that already?  

You never quite find exactly what you need, so you're constantly searching for information that is close enough to form a foundation for an estimate.  That's generally doable when you're dealing with a major economy such as the USA, Canada, or China, but it gets a lot more difficult when you are researching a market in a developing country such as El Salvador or Ghana... 

Which makes today's news particularly exciting (for me, at least!):


Our Passport market research database is expanding its coverage to include 20 emerging markets -- developing countries whose economies are growing quickly. So, if your research involves Cuba, Cambodia, Côte d'Ivoire or any of the other countries on the list below, your task is going to get a lot easier!  

Asia Pacific


Middle East

Latin America

Bangladesh Angola Iraq Cuba
Cambodia Côte d'Ivoire Jordan El Salvador
Laos Ethiopia Kuwait Honduras
Myanmar Ghana Lebanon Panama
Sri Lanka Tanzania Oman Paraguay

This expansion means that when it comes to deep analysis and data on the markets for specific consumer goods, Passport via the SFU Library now provides information on countries representing 98% of global GDP and 91% of global population.


However... as with many of the good things in life, a bit of patience is required. The coverage of specific industries across these countries is set to roll out in stages over the next several months. The Beauty & Personal Care reports are already in the database, but you'll have to wait a bit longer if you research beer, tobacco, meat, etc. See the schedule below for details.

  • Beauty & Personal Care  - available now!
  • Alcoholic Drinks - coming in the next few weeks
  • Tobacco - June 2017 
  • Packaged Food (Snacks) - June 2017 
  • Packaged Food (Dairy) - August 2017 
  • Consumer Health - August 2017 
  • Packaged Food (Meat/Staples) - October 2017 
  • Retailing - November 2017 
  • Home Care - December 2017 
  • Hot Drinks - January 2018 
  • Soft Drinks - January 2018 
  • Tissue/Hygiene - February 2018 


As they become available, you'll be able to find the new reports and statistics in the usual ways -- Passport offers several search and browse options -- but you can also start by looking for a blue "Extra Company Reports" box on the main page (scroll down in Passport to find it).  


Because research at SFU is increasingly international in scope! In the last few months alone I've helped researchers who were focusing on Cuba, Ghana, Myanmar, and Paraguay. Sadly, I can't travel back in time to bring them this cool resource.  


Questions? Contact me!  

-- Mark B
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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